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How to Make Vape Juice for Your Custom Flavor

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If you’re spending too much on vaping juice (e-liquid or e-juice), then why not make your own vape juice ? Yes, m aking your own vape juice is possible, and you just need to do some simple steps to create your homemade vape juice .

According to a study published at the National Library of Medicine , more vape users prefer making vape juice at home for four major reasons: fun, self-control on flavor, financial savings, and higher nicotine concentrations.

So, if budget and flavor matter to you, learning how to make vape juice with household items is ideal to keep your habits on track. But to make vape juice creation successful, you must know the safety procedures and proper handling of ingredients. In this post, learn the step-by-step process of how to make vape juice at home .

Understanding the Basics of Vape Juice

Knowing how to make your own vape juice requires familiarizing yourself with its primary components.

Vaping Components Table

Vaping Components

PG (Propylene Glycol) It’s a thin, odorless, and almost tasteless liquid. If you prioritize flavor over clouds, consider making vape juice with more PG because it carries more flavor.
VG (Vegetable Glycerin) This is a thick fluid. Its main role in vaping is to help create visible clouds. Its slightly sweet taste can enhance the flavors in your e-juice.
Nicotine This component has varying strengths. It is mixed with either a PG or VG base. You can choose diluted or salt nicotine, depending on your preferred strength.
Flavor Concentrates There are flavor concentrates available for almost any taste, from fruits and desserts to beverages and even tobacco. These concentrates are usually mixed with a PG base.

How to Make Vape Juice

Essential Equipment and Ingredients

How to make homemade vape juice requires these equipment and ingredients.


Storage and Vape Juice Bottles : You can use 30mL, 60mL, or 120mL bottles. Use smaller bottles when trying new recipes to minimize waste and conserve ingredients.

Syringes/Pipettes : You can choose from different sizes (in milliliters). Use a 10ml or 20ml syringe for e-liquids that need more flavor volume and 1ml or 5ml for smaller volumes.

Safety Gloves and Goggles : You don’t want to contaminate your vape juice, so use safety gloves and goggles for protection. Nicotine can harm your skin, so wear protective equipment when mixing.

Labels : This is optional, but you may want to put sticker labels on your e-juice bottles. Labeling each bottle with the mixing date, PG/VG ratio, version number, and other relevant information can avoid confusion.


  • Nicotine (diluted or salt)

  • Flavor concentrates

  • Base liquid (PG or VG)

  • DIY vape juice kits (recommended for beginners)

Note : You may not need all these ingredients, depending on your preference. You can skip nicotine for a nicotine-free e-juice or remove flavor concentrates if you prefer an unflavored juice.

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Choosing Your Flavor Profile

Your choice of flavor will indicate what your vape juice will taste like. Here are some tips:

  • Choose flavor concentrates made for vaping juice

  • You may want to avoid essential oils or any type of oil

  • Pay attention to the flavor notes and potency

  • Check out examples in the e-liquid recipes guide when in doubt

Select from thousands of concentrates to create unique recipes. For inspiration, you can try these flavors from RELX: Lemon Iced Tea , Banana Freeze , Icy Coconut Water , and Juicy Apple .

Calculating Your Ratios

VG and PG are the two most important ingredients in your vape juice. Your base liquid, which is initially unflavored and nicotine-free, may premixed in a ratio like 70:30 or 50:50. But if you want to control the final ratio of your vape juice, you can adjust the volumes of VG and PG as you mix.

You can use an online vape calculator to formulate the best flavor mix. Just input the following:

  • Amount of vape juice you wish to formulate

  • The nic strength and ratio of the base

  • Your target nic and flavor ratio

The calculator will indicate if your preferred recipe is mixable or not. You can experiment with the measurement, depending on your preference.

See for example:

vape juice calculator

According to the calculator, you can mix a nicotine strength of 1.8% with the 40:60 VG/PG ratio and 10% apple flavor.

calculate vape juice mix

However, if your preferred recipe isn’t feasible, the calculator will guide you through the formulation process. It will suggest what ingredient you need to adjust for the best mix.

Mixing Your Ingredients

You have two options on how do you make vape juice:

Pre-mixing tips: 

  • Start with lower quantities so you won’t waste the ingredients if you make a mistake.

  • Be careful when adding more nicotine at the end, as it may affect the flavor balance. It’s better to mix the nicotine first, so you have full control.


  • Input your desired formulation on the vape calculator (let’s use the sample above).

  • Put your gloves and goggles on for protection.

  • Add nicotine first. So, dispense 6.67 ml nic on the bottle.

  • Now, add 1.98ml VG and 0.35ml PG.

  • Pour 1ml apple flavor concentrate into the mix.

  • Seal the bottle tightly and shake thoroughly.

  • Optional : You can put labels on the bottle/s for easy identification.

  • Clean all your mess and store the remaining ingredients for next use.

Steeping Your Vape Juice

Steeping your home-made vape juice further enhances the flavor. You have different ways to do this:

  • Breathing : Leave the bottle open in a cool, dry place to let the mix breathe.

  • Heating : You can steep your e-juice for about 30 seconds or until the mix thickens.

The recommended duration of steeping your vape juice is 4-5 days, but you can extend it to a week or more. The longer you steep the juice, the stronger the flavor.

Testing and Adjusting Your Mix

By this time, you’re surely excited to test your mix. Instead of tasting the mix, you better use your nose to sense the flavor mix. To know if you need to make some tweaks to the mix, you simply put a small amount of the mix into your spoon and heat it. Smell the fumes to gauge the initial flavor.

Basically, you just need to trust your formulation in the first place. If you need to adjust the flavor, always use the vape calculator to see if your additions are feasible. If not, you already have an idea of the next time you’ll “make my vape juice.”

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Now, you won’t ever ask yourself, “ how to make my own vape juice ,” because this guide outlined the steps for you! Prepare the ingredients and equipment, choose the flavor, determine the ratios, mix the ingredients, steep the mix, and test your vape juice.

Since you’ll be making your own vape juice, you can experiment with flavors and ratios to suit your taste buds. For flavor options and ideas, or if you don’t have enough time to make your own, you can always explore RELX Pods and E-liquid for the ultimate vaping experience.


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