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  • Get to Know Your Vape

    Grab your device. It's time to evolve.

  • How Do Vape Devices Work?

    A vape works in the similar way to a humidifier, and its working principles are quite easy to understand.

  • What Are the Main Ingredients of E-liquids?

    The main ingredients of e-liquid, e.g. propylene glycol, glycerol, flavors, etc., are often found in your daily food.

  • How long does a RELX device last?

    Data obtain from the test of 2mL pod: each puff lasts for 3s, and the interval between two puffs is 30s, and each puff contains 55mL vapor.

  • How long does a RELXPod last?

    How long does a RELXPod last?

  • How to deal with a leaking vape?

  • How to properly store your device and pod?

  • What does a flashing indicator mean?

  • Where can you use your vape?

  • Vaping Do's & Don'ts

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