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Except for Quebec


Currently we choose Canada Post, UPS Standard and UPS Express as our delivery partner.


Canada Post: 2-5 business days

UPS Standard: 2-5 business days

UPS Express: 2 business days shipping to Toronto, 3 business days shipping to other cities

Please be noted that we don't offer any shipping service during weekends.

Orders placed on Friday after 1PM and orders placed on weekends will be dispatched on the next Monday. 


Our warehouse is located in Canada, we may deliver your package through different warehouse based on your receiving address.



Condition Price
Canada Post
0-48.99 9.99
>49 Free
UPS Standard
0-48.99 13.99
49-128.99 4.99
>129 Free
UPS Express
0-48.99 30
49-128.99 20
129-178.99 15.99
>179 9.99


*If your address locates in remote areas, according to estimated shipping cost of Canada Post Expedited service, we may charge you additional shipping fee. Our customer service will contact you specifically on this case. You package will be shipped out once your supplementary payment is made.

Tax & Duty

In accordance with federal and state regulations, in some states, your online purchases from RELXNOW will be taxed at the applicable sales rate according to your shipping address. You may find sales tax details on your checkout page.

There are three types of sales taxes in Canada: PST, GST, and HST. See below for an overview of sales tax amounts for each province and territory.


Province Rate type Provincial rate Canada rate Total
Alberta GST 0% 5% 5%
British Columbia (BC) GST+PST 20% 5% 25%
Manitoba GST+PST 7% 5% 12%
New-Brunswick HST 10% 5% 15%
Newfoundland and Labrador HST 10% 5% 15%
Northwest Territories GST 0% 5% 5%
Nova Scotia HST 10% 5% 15%
Nunavut GST 0% 5% 5%
Ontario HST 8% 5% 13%
Prince Edward Island (PEI) HST 10% 5% 15%
Saskatchewan GST + PST 6% 5% 11%
Yukon GST 0% 5% 5%
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