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Recommend RELX to a friend through our referral program and get a $15.99 discount on your next order.
After a new user purchased, you will receive a coupon in your account.
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Register via your link and get coupons in the new account.

How it works

Share your link to your friend
Your friend purchases with a discount via your link
You receive an award after your friend purchased
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Click the orange button on the right side to get 7/24 service.
Please email us via We reply from 9 am to 6:30 pm (GMT+8) during business days.
The smoker you refer to must be a new customer who has never purchased from
The smoker you refer to must successfully finish his or her purchase on
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Notice! We have found that you have already participated in Referral activities, and repeated participation in the activities will not be rewarded
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RelxNow PWA
Add to device brings a smooth experience, - After you relogin from PWA, you will be given a free pod.

Step 1
Click the “Add Home Screen” menu.
Step 2
Click the “Add to Home Screen” from the menu list.
Step 3
Click the button of “Add”.
Step 4
After the installation is complete, you will see this icon on your desktop.
RelxNow PWA

Add to device brings a smooth experience, - After you relogin from PWA, you will be given a free pod.
RelxNow PWA
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A free pod coupon will be sent to your Coupon list after you log in
If your Chrome cannot add Relxnow to the desktop, please follow the steps below to set up and try again.
Step 1: Open the system settings, find Chrome browser in the application settings list;
Step 4: Refresh the page and re-add.
* If still unsuccessful, please use your system browser to open and try again.
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