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According to a 2021 report from the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction , there are an estimated 82 million vape users worldwide. In Canada, vaping is also popular, especially among the youth, as presented by Health Canada's Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey .

Vaping has become popular nowadays primarily because people consider it a better alternative to traditional smoking. Also, it has been said vaping is also more affordable. For vapers, choosing the right product is very important. But, beyond features like puff count and longevity, one thing they are particular about is the flavour.

The best vape flavour sets the scene and takes the satisfaction to a whole new level. In this guide by RELX Canada, we’ll take a look at the brand’s best vape flavours, helping you decide which suits you best. RELX Canada is a leading vape industry brand known for its high-quality vaping products and diverse flavour offerings. Let’s get to know some of its flavour offerings a bit better.

Tropical Delights: RELX's Fruity Paradises

Nothing will ever beat the feeling of getting transported to your favourite tropical paradise as you begin vaping. To make this experience happen, you need the best vape juice flavours, tropical-style. Here are some of RELX’s Fruity Paradises.

  • Fresh Red - The best vape flavour for the vaper craving unparalleled watermelon delight. This flavour tastes like biting an uber-refreshing watermelon during the peak of summer.
  • Tangy Purple - Meanwhile, Tangy Purple is all about grapes, grapes, and grapes. It delivers the right amount of juicy freshness that unravels slowly, subduing your senses further with its grapey aroma.
  • Garden's Heart - Embarking on a journey to a tropical getaway is also about lounging in gardens. Garden’s Heart is so juicy it tastes like fruits and smells like flowers picked straight from a garden.
  • Fuzzy Green - Another tropical-inspired flavour by RELX is Fuzzy Green, which has made it a point to get synonymous with dewy – fuzzy brown on the outside and emerald green on the inside.

Indulgent Treats: RELX's Dessert-Inspired Flavors

These dessert-inspired flavours by RELX will spoil your love for desserts. And for those who are not too much of a sweet tooth, prepare to experience decadent. Here are RELX’s best vape flavours in this category.

  • Purple Gems - This vape with this flavour has a single black currant-flavoured pod. People describe black currant as having a grape-like flavour and an acidic taste with hints of cherries.
  • Tangy Gems - Prepare to get swept away by this delicious flavour, offering both sweetness and tartness in a perfect blend.
  • Blue Gems - RELX’s Blue Gems kicks off with a rich blueberry fragrance. So whether you’re craving the taste of blueberry cheesecake or blueberry cookie, this flavour is for you.
  • Golden Slice - A little bit of sourness in your dessert won’t hurt. Golden Slice features a pleasant flavour with an aroma that brings a serving of green mangoes to your senses.

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Icy Sensations: RELX's Menthol and Mint Flavors

RELX’s Menthol and Mint Flavours are the best ways to relax and cool off amid the hustle and bustle of life. Take a look at some good vape flavours in this group.

  • Iced Tobacco - Give in the pleasures brought to you by the fusion of tobacco and ice. It combines the strength of tobacco taste with a rejuvenating menthol finish, offering a vaping experience like no other.

  • Menthol Xtra - Imagine this: a menthol taste, but intensified. That’s Menthol Xtra. This intense, refreshing menthol rush just bursts in your mouth, accompanied by distinct sweetness and subtle citrus undertones.

Beverage Delights: RELX's Drink-Inspired Flavors

RELX’s drink-inspired flavours are the epitome of a thirst-quenching experience. They capture the essence of your favourite and popular drinks, providing a refreshing and enjoyable take from traditional options. Perfect for vape users seeking variety and novelty in their vaping routines. Here are the popular vape flavours in this category.

  • Icy Coconut Water - Who will ever resist a glass of coconut water? This flavour brings you the tempting goodness of a coconut beverage served cold and icy. What more could you ask for?

  • Lime Ice - Brace yourself for an enlivening twist with RELX’s Lime Ice flavour! This extraordinaire delivers the zesty and tangy notes of sun-riped limes. And not just that, but they also give the feeling of being perfectly chilled, thus creating a sensational icy blast. Enjoy the revitalizing sense of Lime Ice in every puff, ideally designed for a cool and rewarding vaping journey.

Customizing Your Vape: RELX's E-Liquids

Or, choose to make it your own. Customize your vape with RELX’s e-liquids. One of the best vape flavours of these e-liquids is Strawberry Burst.

With the Strawberry Burst vape flavour, the incomparable taste of fresh and juicy strawberries is waiting for you. It’s a smooth and satisfying vaping experience for those who have confessed their love for strawberries.

Customizing your vape experience by choosing e-liquids won’t only allow you to experiment with various flavours – whether fruity or dessert-inspired – enhancing the fun and pleasure, but also let you personalize their flavour and nicotine strength, beneficial for those with particular needs and preferences.

Nicotine level adjustment helps you manage consumption, best for those who want to reduce dependence. This versatility tailor fits your vaping satisfaction. With RELX’s e-liquids, you can taste the difference and feel the quality.

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Shopping for the best vape flavour shouldn’t happen on a whim. It requires understanding of the range of options and your preferences to find a flavour that will be worth your investment. We hope the guide above to  RELX Canada’s popular vape flavours  has helped you narrow down your options.

Level up your vaping habit with RELX Canada! Head to our store today and shop our diverse range of innovative, high-quality vape products and flavours.

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