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How Do You Use a Push Button Vape Pen?

November 01, 2023

A push button vape pen is popular among vaping enthusiasts due to its simple operation and controllable features. But if it's your first time using one, it can still be helpful to understand how it works and how to use it.

Below, we aim to provide comprehensive instructions on properly using a push button vape pen like those from RELX.

We will get into the mechanics and the step-by-step process of its use, even for first-timers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, this guide will help you get the most out of your push button vape pen.

What Is a Push Button Vape Pen?

A push button vape pen is an electronic cigarette or vape device that uses a button to activate the heating element and produce vapour. Unlike other types of vapes, a push button requires manual activation by pressing a button rather than automatically starting when inhaling.

How Does a Push Button Vape Work?

If you choose a push button vape pen, you're in for a straightforward experience. Pressing the button on a push button vape pen sends power to the heating element, which then heats up the e-liquid in the cartridge. 

Once the liquid is heated, it becomes a vapour you can inhale through the mouthpiece. The button also serves as a safety feature, preventing accidental activation and preserving battery life.

Indicator Lights

Most push button vape pens have indicator lights that tell you what's happening inside your device. These lights can indicate battery life, heating status, or temperature setting. Typically, one colour will light up while the device is heating up. 

There may even be a second light as it cools down or a third once completely cooled. When not powered on, the indicator light will likely also be off. Pay attention to these lights to ensure that your vape is functioning correctly and that you're getting the most out of your vaping experience.

Indicator lights are also helpful to know where your vape is in its charging process. When plugged in and charging, push button vapes usually show a blinking indicator light to show that it's actively charging. Then, when done charging, it may turn a solid colour, such as green, to indicate that it's ready to be used again.

In some instances, indicator lights may also be used for a preheat function to tell you when it's starting to heat up and indicate when it's fully preheated and ready for use. Preheating can help prepare the vape device's coils for the draw you're planning to take. It can also make drawing from the vape quicker and more discrete.

Steps for Using a Push Button Vape Pen

Ready to start using your push button vape pen? Follow the simple steps below to begin.

How Do You Turn on a Push Button Vape?

Turning on your vape is the first step to using it. Luckily, most push button vape pens use the same mechanisms to turn on.

  • 1. First, press the button rapidly five times to turn it on.
  • 2. Notice the light on the button flashing rapidly a few times. This indicates it's turning on.
  • 3. Once the battery is activated, you can push and hold down the button as you inhale from the vape device.
  • 4. Use the same process to turn it off when ready. Press the button five times rapidly to turn off the battery.

How Do You Adjust Heat Settings on a Push Button Vape?

Push button vapes also allow you to control how hot the coil gets to heat the e-juice. They typically provide three heat settings to choose from. Press the button three times to change from the standard heat setting (usually the lowest). 

You may notice the indicator light colour change; that's normal. To see if additional heat setting options are available, continue by pressing the button three times again. The indicator light colour may change again.

How to Use a Preheat Function

As mentioned earlier, if your vape has a preheat function, it's recommended to use that feature before use. It'll help ensure the e-juice is warmed up and ready to produce thicker and more flavourful clouds.

To start the preheat process:

  1. Make sure your cartridge is attached securely to the battery.
  2. To make sure the cartridge is attached securely, press in on it until you feel a click.
  3. Press the button rapidly two times to start preheating.
  4. The indicator light will begin flashing and turn off once the preheat process is complete.

How to Prepare for Use

Before you use your push button vape pen for the first time, you may want to review the manufacturer's manual so you don't miss anything that could be important to maintaining the function of your device. For example, it may tell you how to know that your device is adequately charged or include notes about what certain indicator lights may mean.

After you've read the manual, clean off the mouthpiece once before using it.

How to Charge a Vape Pen

As with most devices, charging your push button vape is simple. Just plug it in until the battery is fully charged. 

Remember to check for the blinking indicator light or other cues that your vape is still charging. Most will blink red while charging and switch to a solid green colour when fully charged – but consult your user manual to double-check.

Note that you want to avoid overcharging your device because keeping it on the charger for extended periods when it's unnecessary can damage the battery and limit its lifespan.

Here's exactly what to do:

  • Remove the vape cartridge from the device if they’re two separate pieces
  • Locate the charger included with the vape device
  • Attach the charger to a wall plug or USB port
  • Connect the charger to your push button vape pen device
  • Check for a blinking indicator light (usually red)
  • When the light becomes solid (typically white or green), remove the device from the charger to prevent overcharging

How to Inhale for the First Time

If you're new to vaping, inhaling may initially feel awkward. Below are some tips so you feel like a natural even when you're using it for the first time.

Use the Manual

Again, here's another reason that reading the manual the first time you get a new push button vape pen is valuable. It may give you tips to avoid errors or complications.

Turn It On

Use the instructions above to turn it on for the first time.

Charge It Up

If not fully charged, plug it in until it is ready to go.

Load the Tank

If you're using a refillable vape pen, you'll want to add your e-liquid to the device's tank so there's something for the coils to heat up when you press the button.

First, disassemble the tank and fill it with e-liquid, avoiding the middle hole. Then screw the airflow base onto the tank again, keeping the battery side down. Finally, wait about five minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil thoroughly.

Take a Draw

Once you've done this, turn it on and press the button while you take your first draw. Taking a few short puffs at first (primer puffs) will help prime the coils and ensure the oil is heated correctly.

Adjust Heat If Necessary

If you prefer more heat or flavour, consider increasing the heat level of the device. If the taste is coming across as burnt or the vapour is too hot for your liking, consider decreasing the heat level of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Should You Press a Vape Button?

The number of times you press a vape button will depend on what you're trying to do. To draw from the vape, press it once and hold; to change the heat settings, press it three times quickly; to turn it off or on, press it five times rapidly; to preheat, press it twice.

Final Thoughts

Using a push button vape pen is a straightforward process, allowing for a customizable experience. It's vital to familiarize yourself with the device's essential functions and safety features, such as the indicator lights and heating settings. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for specific guidance and to expand your understanding of your device.

With a bit of practice, you can vape comfortably and safely. Don't forget to charge your device properly and avoid overcharging to prolong the lifespan of your vape pen.

Are you looking for a new push button vape pen device? Shop these as well as vape pods and disposable vapes from our wide selection available at RELX.

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