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Can You Vape While Charging?

August 15, 2023

One common question in the world of electronic cigarettes revolves around using the device while it's plugged in. As technology has evolved and immediacy has become increasingly important, it makes sense that vape users have begun to expect the ability to use their device as needed while it’s plugged in.

Below, we address the question, "Can you vape while charging?" and delve into the factors that influence the answer, including the type of e-cigarette, the design of the charging system, and safety precautions to keep in mind.

What Is Pass-Through Technology?

One of the advances in vaping technology is pass-through (PT) charging. Pass-through technology allows you to charge your device while enjoying your vape session. 

Pass-through technology eliminates one of the most significant inconveniences of vaping: waiting until your battery is recharged before you can use it again. 

The technology behind pass-through charging is quite simple. The device is embedded with a chipset that determines how much power gets sent to the battery. This chip also optimizes charge speed to cut off charging once the (typically lithium-ion) battery is fully charged.

The same chipset controls pass-through technology, which regulates circuits within the vape, helping pass the power through the device to wherever it's needed. This allows you to use the vape while it charges.

You'll still likely need to wait a few minutes if your battery was drained to 0% before plugging it in. Some devices require a small amount of battery life to allow the pass-through technology to enable you to use the vape while charging.

Is It Safe To Use Your Vape Device While Charging?

Vaping comes with risks, and you should strive to make your vaping experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

If you want to use your vape device while it is charging, it’s important to note that as heat builds up within the device while charging, the risk of battery incidents increases, which can pose dangers.

Will Vaping While Charging Damage Your Battery?

Certain protections built right into your device are designed to keep you (and your device's battery) safe. Even still, using your vape while charging the battery will place a greater strain on it than waiting until the device is charged.

If you think about it, here's what happens if you vape while plugged in and charging: Your vape battery is charging for a few minutes, then discharging for a few seconds while you draw from it. It will begin charging immediately after you're done and then discharge again the next time you use it. 

This pattern of activity will eventually start to reduce your device's lifespan, so we don't recommend it as a regular activity. However, if you find yourself in a pinch and need to use it while it's plugged in, doing so occasionally shouldn't create noticeable battery damage.

Another thing to note is that your device's battery (most are lithium-ion) is most likely to get damaged due to extreme temperatures, including heat, which gets built as the device charges. If you're using your vape often while charging, it will take longer to recharge to full battery. 

Eventually, you may find it takes far longer for your device to fully charge than it used to, or the battery drains quicker. These are all signs of battery damage. While it won't create noticeable changes if you use your vape while charging occasionally, making it a habit will likely degrade its performance.

So, Should You Avoid Vaping While Charging?

In short: if you must vape while the device is plugged in, your safest option is to ensure you’re using a device that utilizes pass-through technology. Even still, it’s best to avoid doing so. Vaping while charging can be harmful to your battery over time, and the risk of battery incidents increases as heat builds up within your charging device.

To extend your vape device's lifespan and maximize your battery performance, wait until your device has fully charged before taking a puff. Doing so will ensure you get the best experience from your device and won't have to worry about battery damage. Plus, you'll get the most out of each charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if You Vape While Charging?

Vaping while charging will strain your battery and, eventually, reduce its performance. Usually, this happens over some time if you vape while charging frequently. In addition, it may increase fire or explosion risk as heat builds while the device is plugged in. We recommend avoiding vaping while charging your device.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing pass-through charging to use your vape device while charging the device is a great way to make your vaping experience more convenient. Just remember that if you decide to vape while the device is still plugged in, you'll need a device that utilizes pass-through technology. 

You also want to avoid making it a habit of using your device while it charges because doing so can reduce the performance of your battery over time and may increase the risk of fire or explosion as heat builds while plugged in. 

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