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How to Charge Your Vape: A Comprehensive Guide

September 14, 2021

You might think that charging your vape is a relatively simple process, and it is, but there are certain things you should keep in mind. Not all vapes are the same, and you need to make sure you are handling your device correctly. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know. 

How to Charge Your Vape: A Step-by-Step Guide

The first thing you need to do is identify whether your vape uses an integrated battery (built-in battery) or a removable battery. The battery type will alter the charging process. This information is usually in the user manual that came with your device.

Integrated Battery Step-by-Step

Step 1: Attach Your Vape to the Charger

Most vape chargers and portable devices with an integrated battery will use a lithium-ion battery as the technology enables fast-charging capabilities. These devices can attach to any electrical outlet to recharge. 

A USB cable will usually arrive with your device, so all you need to do is attach it and plug it in to charge. The indicator light should show if the device is charging. 

Step 2: Wait for the Indicator Light to Show Full Charge

Once the vape has fully charged, your device should show a solid or flashing indicator light, depending on the product. The accompanying manual should include this information, so make sure to double-check. 

Step 3: Remove Your Vape from the Charger 

Once your device has reached full charge, unplug it from the outlet and remove the USB cable. It's important not to overcharge your device, as this can cause damage in the long term—more on this below.

Removable Battery Step-by-Step

Step 1: Open Your Vape and Remove the Battery

You should be able to either unscrew or open your vape to access the battery. Sometimes, there are sliding sections that allow you to retrieve the battery as well. 

Step 2: Place Your Battery or Batteries in Your External Charger

Once you have the battery, place it in the external charger that should have arrived with your original purchase. If you didn't receive one, you can purchase your own from any good device retailer. 

The batteries should slot right in with little difficulty. There should be a slight click as they fix into place.

Step 3: Wait for the Batteries to Reach Full Charge

Most external chargers either feature an indicator light or a screen to track the power of your batteries. It should take just a few hours for your batteries to reach full charge again.

Step 4: Remove the Batteries and Reload Your Vape

Once the batteries have reached full charge, remove them and put them back into your vape. As is the case with integrated batteries, you shouldn't overcharge them, so make sure to check how long you leave them in their external charger. 

Step 5: Check Your Battery Performance Periodically, Replace When Necessary

Batteries naturally grow weaker over time with extensive use. You can track their power by placing them in the external charger and noting how long they take to recharge. 

If a device has started to take significantly longer than it used to, you may need to replace your batteries. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Vape Pen?

The time it takes to charge a vape pen depends on the specific device. There are numerous models on the market, some newer than others, meaning the charge time can vary significantly. In most cases, your vape pen should only take a couple of hours to reach the maximum charge, with three hours being an upper limit. 

If it starts to go beyond that time to reach full charge, it is indicative of a problem with the battery. It may be reaching the end of its life cycle. 

Vape Pen Charging Tips to Remember

There are ways to keep your vape battery alive for longer, but it requires some consistent habits. We have compiled some top tips for keeping your vape pen in top condition when charging. 

Don't Leave Your Vaporizer on When Not in Use

You wouldn't leave your television on when it isn't in use, so the same rule should apply to your vape pen. If you leave it on outside of use, you will need to charge it more frequently, wearing the battery out quicker. 

Put the Batteries to Use Frequently

If your batteries sit unused in your vape pen for extended periods, they can degrade over time. The rate of degradation mainly has to do with storage temperature, but suffice it to say the best way to track performance is to use the device frequently.

Don't Overcharge the Batteries

Leaving your vape in its charger overnight can be very tempting. However, this can cause the batteries to wear out faster. You damage your battery any time you continue to charge it when it's at full capacity, so try to avoid this!

What to Do If Your Vape Pen Won't Charge?

If you find that your vape pen won't charge, it is more than likely that the battery has died. Occasionally, you can fix this by taking the pen to a vape repair shop. If the battery is removable, it may just be a case of cleaning the battery with a cotton swab. Additionally, it may simply need replacing. 

Integrated batteries are a different scenario. If they stop charging, it could be a problem with the charger or the USB cable rather than the device itself. If it is not the charger that is the problem, you will likely need to replace your vape pen. 

Consulting the opinion of a professional can be beneficial. If you feel your battery has died too soon, make sure to double-check your returns warranty. You may have received a faulty device. 


Vapes are only growing in popularity, meaning innovations with batteries and charging will continue to unfold. For now, our tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your vape!

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