RELX Vape Pod Pro 2 (3-Pod Pack) - 18mg/ml

RELX Pod Pro 2

For RELX Infinity 2 & Essential & Artisan device

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Savor Longjing Ice Tea - Refreshingly Smooth!

Delight in the delicate aroma of Longjing tea complemented by a cool, soothing sensation.

The new vape pods are designed to offer more choice for flavor and shopping experience. Each pack offers 3 pod, ensuring a long-lasting vaping experience.And, each pod contains 2 mL of e-liquid available in 18 mg/mL nicotine strengths. They are compatible with RELX Infinity 2 & Essential & Artisan device, providing versatility and convenience for users.




Blueberry Splash

Watermelon Ice

Tangy Grape

Fresh Peach

Pineapple Delight

Mixed Berries

Fresh Mango

Mango orange juice

A perfect blend of sweet and sour that transports you to the tropics

The most popular flavor of RELX Pod Pro in Canada

Double up on minty freshness

The brisk and bold minty-fresh flavor breaks the ice with Xtra richness

A rich mint taste with a twist of herbal sweetness

Experience our purest taste with this cool blast of fresh menthol, a flavor simplified to the core of what it means to be menthol.

Emulating the freshness of spearmint gum

Inspired by the world's favorite drink, this flavor relives the cooling and aromatic characteristics of cola

Just like brewed jasmine tea that is often drunk in milk tea shops

An icy touch was added to balance out the sweetness of the taro ice cream

Rich and earthy flavors of mung bean ice cream

When you first take a puff, ripples of cooling cucumber will creep along your cheeks, then expanding into a sweet honeydew fragrance washing over you.

Lychee lovers unite! Satisfy your sweet tooth with bursts of juicy lychee in your mouth, experiencing the tropical fragrance of this one-of-a-kind fruit with a refreshing icy finish.

Be prepared for the refreshing burst of green grape as delicate floral hints and a touch of watermelon swirl around your tongue.

With plum, we've stumbled upon a uniquely fruity taste and maximized its richness. Roselle hugs your tongue as the soft, juicy plum pulp graces the back of the mouth, leaving a cooling combination that tickles your taste buds.

A tango fusion of juicy strawberries and creamy mangoes creates a unique flavor profile, satisfying those who need stronger and richer bursts of fruitiness.

A complex flavor that’s led by the citrusy sweetness of kumquat, gradually followed by a slow release of pulpy passion fruit.

A subtle addition of jasmine with an icy touch combines to make a crisp and clean cold brew, all the while preserving the earthy sweetness of classic Chinese tea.

The signature tartness of lemons will linger on your tongue, as the aroma of the fruit peels and the zest of a juicy lemon slice invigorate all your senses.


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Beverage / 18mg/ml / Longjing Ice Tea x1

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Nick Wong
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Still like the pod pro better

It tastes different when inhaled, unfortunately i still perfer the pod pro (previous version) better

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regina morales
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The delivery was fast, it’s a day earlier than the scheduled delivery. Pods are properly sealed and the bag they used for the parcel is bubbled that is why even the boxes of the pods are not damaged

Thank you for the fantastic feedback towards RELX!

We're thrilled to hear you're loving our product! Your thoughts and experiences are essential in helping us improve and serve you better.

Thanks for the positive review towards RELX!

Looking For Good Vape Pods With Rich Flavors in Canada?

Designed for the RELX Essential, RELX Infinity 2, and Artisan vape device, RELX Pod Pro offers not only great taste and high-quality vape juice but also an exceptionally smooth vaping experience courtesy of our exclusive Super Smooth technology and leak-resistant pod design.

Wide Range of Vape Flavor Offerings

Our RELX Pods Pro 2 collection includes a wide variety of vape flavours covering the needs of all types of vapers. We have conducted testing with over 10K+ local consumers on 145 flavors to ensure the right flavor market fit. From fresh watermelon to classic tobacco, from jasmine green tea to double mint, you will always find a flavor that suits you best !

Great Customer Service 

Got a question for us about our RELX Pro Pods 2 or any of our vape flavours? Feel free to get in touch with us using the 24/7 pop-up Live Chat support service on our website or by emailing us at

RELX offer free shipping service on orders above $49. 

We are happy to help you get the best vaping experience. 


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