best disposable vape canada

Best Disposable Vape Canada: Top Picks for Beginners

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best disposable vape canada

In this world where vaping is gradually being accepted as a better alternative for those who want to divert from smoking, and changing the lifestyle of many people, there is one particular type of vape taking the spotlight: disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes are more convenient than typical vapes for several reasons. First, they are single-used devices with the e-liquid already prefilled in them. Also, these disposable variants have their coil and battery built in, making them your all-in-one package, as opposed to regular vapes, wherein you might still need to assemble these parts.

Its convenience is also highlighted by the fact that you can simply throw the whole kit away once the battery or e-liquid has run out. You won’t need to maintain, refill, clean, and charge the vape. Perfect for vape users who are often on the go.

Knowing those benefits, as a vape user, you might want to transition into disposable vapes. Among the first things you need to consider to choose a reliable brand. In Canada, you can find a wide range of disposable vape brands. But not all of these brands can provide what you are looking for. So, in this guide, we’ll help you narrow down your choice by presenting five of the best disposable vapes in Canada. Let’s get started.

WAKA SoPro PA10000

RELX’s WAKA series of vape products has won the prestigious Vapouround Global Awards in 2023. One of the best disposable vapes in this series is the WAKA SoPro PA10000.

It’s easy to learn about this RELX product from its name. It offers an impressive 10,000 puffs capacity, which is crucial not only for its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and consistency but also when you want to use it for a longer time and dispose of it less frequently, helping save the environment.

Furthermore, if you wish to boost its puffs, you can take advantage of its dual mesh coils, doubling your pleasure.

It comes in various flavours, such as Blueberry Raspberry, Grape Apple, Citrus Blast, and Watermelon Kiwi, just to name a few. Frederick Hachey commends its “very good taste.”

Regarding its battery life, you already get an 80 percent charge in only within 45 minutes. Once charged, you can use it for an extended period. Customer Derek, however, reminds you to make sure you use the right charger for the best experience.

WAKA SoPro DM8000i

Another disposable vape from the award-winning WAKA series by RELX Canada is the WAKA SoPro DM8000i. While it features 8,000 puffs capacity, lesser than what PA10000 offers, that doesn’t mean you won’t get what you are looking for.

WAKA SoPro DM8000i also has the power of dual mesh technology, which further enhances your vaping satisfaction. What’s more, it is also unique from the other WAKA disposable vapes as it has a mini LED display, which is very useful when you need to stay informed while using the vape.

RELX customers love this disposable vape because of its performance and ease of use. Customer Kapil Chopra said it is the “best one.” Meanwhile, another customer praised its adjustable power feature, which he said has hit the right spots.

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WAKA Slam Banana Coconut

Some disposable vape users place performance as their top priority when looking for the best disposable vape brands. Others are more concerned about longer battery life. Meanwhile, if you’re in the category where the flavour is foremost, you better be choosing this WAKA Slam Banana Coconut.

Bring yourself to a tropical paradise using this disposable vape that offers a refreshing blend of the sweetness of banana and the creaminess of coconut. What you get is a smooth and satisfying experience. Customer Jumbo Chan expresses their love for its flavour, smoothness, and ease of use. Contributing to those bursts of flavours are its meticulously adjusted cotton coil. Get up to 2,300 puffs with this WAKA vape.

WAKA Smash Watermelon Chill

Can’t get enough of your favourite watermelon? Take its taste to your disposable vape. This WAKA Smash Watermelon Chill offers the flavour of this refreshing and invigorating fruit, leaving you feeling cool and relaxed all the time.

It’s also the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work, as this WAKA disposable vape variant is small enough to fit inside your pocket. Grab it easily whenever you need it.

This disposable vape with up to 6,000 puff counts can charge to 80 percent in 35 minutes or less. Customer Leo He loves its real fruit taste. All those things make RELX’s products the best disposable vapes in Canada.

WAKA SoMatch MB6000 Kit (Blackberry Surge)

Last but certainly not least is this WAKA SoMatch MB6000 Kit (Blackberry Surge). Its 6,000 puffs capacity is ideal for those who wish to save on costs, and want their vape portable and easy to carry.

This variant also has impressive mesh coil 2.0 technology, which enhances its flavour and richness. Of course, we won’t forget to note its aesthetic split design, perfect for those who are looking for better functionality, maintenance, and disposal. Overall, customers also love this vape kit.

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Those are five of today’s best disposable vapes in Canada. While they may be from the same series from RELX, some stand out for their performance, while others for their flavour.

According to a study published on the National Drugs Library website , the use of disposable vapes is becoming more appealing to young people, and the number has been increasing sharply in recent years.

Choosing a reliable and user-friendly disposable vape is important as this can make you enjoy the vaping experience without having to go through a steep learning curve.

Are you searching for the best disposable vape in Canada? We encourage you to consider RELX products. RELX is among the world’s most popular disposable vape brands known for their sleek designs, advanced technologies, and user-friendly features. Many vapers choose

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