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What Is a Vape Pod?

December 20, 2023

For those new to vaping, the jargon around vaping and the names for each model and variation can be confusing. In fact, it can make it hard to know exactly which device to go for. With that in mind, we wanted to clear up a few things at RELX.

So, this article will cover everything you need to know about vape pods. What they are, different types, costs, and how to use them will all be covered. That means by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision on whether vape pods are for you.

Our bet? They absolutely are.

What Is a Vape Pod?

A vape pod is a modern take on the classic e-cigarette, and there’s a reason they’re so popular. The vape pod came about as a natural progression in the evolution of vape devices. They’re sleek, efficient, and powerful - all without being bulky and complicated.

These devices have moved away from glass tanks (unlike mods) and instead use plastic pods, which are lighter and way more durable. You can get both pre-filled and re-fillable options, and regardless of which you choose, they’re low-maintenance devices.

All of this means that they are perfect for on-the-go and a great option if you’ve just started vaping.

Closed vs Open Pod Vapes

There are two main types of vape pods: open and closed, also known as refillable and pre-filled.

Open or refillable pods have a rechargeable kit and come with an empty pod. The empty pod means you can fill it with whichever juice you’d like and have much more control over what it is you’re vaping. For example, you can have different strengths of nicotine (within the legal limit) or even create your own e-liquid.

When you’ve used all the juice in your pod, you simply refill it.

Alternatively, closed or pre-filled pod kits are compatible with filled pods that you buy separately and click into your kit. They are very convenient and require almost no maintenance whatsoever. However, there are fewer juice options to choose from, and they create more waste.

How Much Do Vape Pods Cost?

The cost of vape pods depends on a few factors. First, you will need to choose a device as the base of your pod kit. At RELX, we have the Essential, Infinity, and Artisan devices. Each of these provides an incredible vaping experience ranging in price from $14.90 to $59.99. Remember, once you have your pod device, you won’t need to buy another one, so this is a one-off cost.

After that, it’s the cost of the pre-filled pods or the vape juices you choose. If you go for the pre-filled route, the pods will cost you $15.99 for a pack of two. You can expect one pod to last between 7 and 14 days, depending on how regularly you vape.

How To Use Pod Vapes

If you have just started vaping or are considering taking it up, the concept of how to actually do it might be a little confusing or intimidating to you - especially if you're used to smoking cigarettes. While it might be a little different the first time and take a few tries to get the hang of it, it won’t take long before vaping becomes second nature to you.

In order to help you out, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide for you. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be successfully vaping a pod in no time.

  1. Either inhale directly or press the button first and then inhale, depending on the model
  2. Hold in your mouth for a couple of seconds
  3. Inhale back to your lungs
  4. Exhale and create a cloud
  5. Repeat

Who Are Vape Pods Best Suited To?

Vape pods are best suited to those on the go who want to vape without much hassle or upkeep. The great thing about pods is how convenient they are. Not just in how they work but also in size. A standard pod device will be able to fit in your pocket, and the pods themselves are very small and will not take up any room at all.

Given you can recharge your device as well, this means you can take it on the go and recharge it while you’re out and about if needed.

They are also a great choice to start with if you’ve never vaped before or you’ve only just begun.

Why Choose Vape Pods Over Other Types of Vapes?


Vaping and devices themselves have come a long way since they were first invented a couple of decades ago. No more bulky devices! Back in the beginning days of vaping popularity, it would have been hard to carry your device on the go unless you had a bag. Even then, they were quite heavy and, therefore, they would add a decent amount of weight to what you’re carrying.

Now - and especially with pods - devices are lightweight and small in size. They can fit in your pocket or bag without taking up much space or weight - so much so that you’ll probably forget it’s even there.


Another significant benefit of vape pods is that they are perfect for those just starting with vapes. Given their easy-to-use design, low-maintenance set-up, and reasonable cost, someone new to vaping can start their journey with a pod and ease into the lifestyle.

With pods, you get all the benefits of vaping with none of the bulk and hassle - especially given the sheer number of flavours available for pods as well. That means you can learn your favourites with a sleek and straightforward device.


Finally, vape pods are incredibly discreet, and that can make all the difference, particularly if you’d like to take your vape with you to work or any professional setting. Unlike the larger models, vape pods are small enough to be hidden away in pockets without drawing attention to themselves.

So, whether you’d like to maintain a professional look or simply keep the fact that you vape to yourself, you’ll have no trouble with that with vape pods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vape Pods Good for Beginners?

Yes. If you've never vaped before and are entirely new to the world of vaping, pods are a great place to start. They are easy to use, require very little maintenance, and are very reasonably priced. When you go for a vape pod, you have access to a wide range of flavours, and the devices themselves are small and lightweight.

Final Thoughts

Vaping and vape devices have come on leaps and bounds since their inception all those years ago. No more do you have to carry around big, bulky, and complicated devices just to enjoy vaping. But the most modern version of the vape has to be the indomitable vape pod.

The pod's sleek design, simplicity in use, and small size make it perfect for all vapers. Pods are also the ideal choice for those new to vaping, given how easy they are to use.

To find your perfect device and pod, check out RELX's collection.

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