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How To Know if Your Vape Is Going To Explode

October 30, 2023

Vaping is a great choice for those who prefer convenience and enjoy the flavour variety many e-juices offer. 

That said, vapes are relatively new, and there's still a lot of confusion about their reliability. 

One concern many new vapers have is the risk of explosion. In this guide, we'll tell you why vapes can sometimes explode, even though it doesn't happen often.

Which Vapes Are at Risk of Exploding?

The good news is that not all vapes have a high risk of exploding. Generally, mechanical mods pose this risk since they don't have any built-in protections to safeguard against explosions. 

In mechanical mods, the battery directly powers the vape without any protection. This allows for more power and big clouds of smoke, but it also means a higher risk of exploding. The vape won't stop working even if the battery is almost empty or getting too hot.

So, it's a good idea, especially for beginners, to avoid using mechanical mods. 

However, any vape device with a lithium-ion battery could explode. If the device has a defect or is used incorrectly, such as getting the battery wet or using the wrong charger, it could catch fire and explode. 

When shopping for vaping devices, look for mechanisms that reduce potential explosion risks. For example, short-circuit protection prevents the battery from firing when there's a short circuit in the device, which could otherwise lead to overheating or other issues.

Another feature is temperature control, where you can set the maximum temperature for the coils. If the coil temperature exceeds this limit, the device will automatically reduce power or shut off to prevent overheating.

Warning Signs Your Vape Might Be at Risk of Exploding

Several warning signs indicate that your vape might be at risk of exploding. If you notice any of the following signs, it's essential to take them seriously and address the situation to minimise the risk. 


Excessive overheating is the most common warning sign that a vape might be on the verge of exploding. When it reaches a point where it's hot enough to cause burns on the back of your hand or the inside of your arm, it's a major red flag.

So, if you sense your vape is mildly hot in your palm or mouth, don't dismiss it. Carefully touch the device against your skin to confirm the heat. If your vape is getting too hot, immediately turn it off and remove the battery.

Low Vapour 

If your vape suddenly starts producing significantly less vapour than usual, and the few puffs you do get are extremely hot, this can be a concern. That could mean the device struggles to regulate its temperature, potentially due to a malfunction. 

High Pitch Squeal 

Sometimes, the battery within your vape may let out a high-pitched squeal. This strange sound could suggest an internal issue within the battery, like a short circuit or a malfunction. 

Common Causes of Vape Explosions

The most common causes of vaping accidents can be grouped together as a user error. It usually has nothing to do with the vape device itself but the battery. Let's look at how explosions occur. 

Incorrect Usage 

Using mechanical mods demands careful attention. You need a solid understanding of crucial components such as coil resistance and battery amperage. 

For example, if your mechanical mod has a low-resistance coil, the atomizer draws more current with each inhale, allowing you to produce bigger vapour clouds and more flavour. 

However, if your vape has a low-wattage battery, it can lead to overheating and a potential explosion.

Modern vaping devices are equipped with additional circuitry that acts as a safeguard to prevent batteries from overheating or exploding in the event of a malfunction.


Leaving your vape pen on charge overnight or using a faulty charger can lead to battery overheating and, in extreme cases, an explosion. Overcharging can also happen if you use a charger meant for high-capacity cells.

Typically, most batteries can be safely charged up to 4 to 4.5 volts. Exceeding this limit can make the battery unstable and pose a risk. You can easily find the specified charge limit for your vape batteries by checking the information on the battery wrapper or the packaging box. Before use, learn how to charge your vape properly to avoid explosions and maximize your device's lifespan. 

Counterfeit and Mislabeled Batteries 

The lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries commonly used in vapes are considered safe, although they can be quite expensive. Some people try to save money by opting for counterfeit batteries. These are typically low-quality, imitation batteries with unbranded packaging.

Another uncommon but potential issue relates to manufacturer labels. Typically, batteries are labelled with their amperage for continuous use. However, if a battery can handle a higher amperage for a short time, and this detail isn't clearly specified on the packaging, users might unknowingly operate the battery at high power levels, risking an explosion. 

Improper Battery Storage 

Mechanical mods lack features that can prevent battery overheating and explosions. This poses a significant risk due to their metal terminals.

There are many instances where a vape has exploded in a person's pocket. Accidentally pressing the fire button on a vape device completes the circuit between the positive and negative poles of the battery, allowing power to flow to the device. 

Also, an accidental circuit may activate when you carry loose batteries in your pocket alongside metal objects like keys or coins. 

These metal items might touch the battery's positive or negative terminal, facilitating the power transfer.

Unlike a regular circuit, the generated power circulates back into the e-cigarette battery. This leads to overheating and, ultimately, the battery exploding. That's why you should never carry loose batteries, which is crucial without a proper storage case.

A storage case prevents accidental circuits and shields the battery from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. You can confidently leave your batteries in the car or bag without worrying about overheating. 


Repeatedly dropping your vape, fiddling with it, or exposing it to extreme temperatures are all examples of mishandling. It's important to remember that vapes are delicate devices, and using them with care is essential to prevent potential battery problems. Follow battery dependability best practices such as proper storage and charging. 

What To Do if You Suspect Your Vape Is Going To Explode

If you suspect that your vape is at risk of exploding, it's vital to take immediate and precautionary steps to ensure your security. Here's what you should do:

1. Stop Using the Device 

If you notice sudden overheating, malfunctions, unusual noises, or strange odours coming from your vape, stop using it immediately. Continuing to use a broken vape will exacerbate the issue, leading to hazards. 

2. Remove the Batteries 

One of the best things to do when you suspect your vape has a chance to explode is to remove your batteries. It will likely prevent the vape from serious damage and eliminate the potential risk of explosion. 

3. Store the Device and Batteries Away From Heat or Flammable Materials 

Don't make matters worse by having your damaged vape near heat or flammable materials. Always store the vape in a secured place where they won't experience temperature changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stop a Vape From Exploding?

You can stop a vape from exploding by investing in a high-quality vape device from a reputable manufacturer. Following the manufacturer's recommendations on caring for your device will go a long way in preventing vape explosions. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding why vapes explode and what you can do will go a long way toward preventing it. 

By now, you know all the warning signs, such as overheating, squeaky noises, and low vapour production. 

The best way to prevent vape explosions is by purchasing your device from a reputable company like RELX. 

That ensures you won't experience counterfeit products that aren't compatible with the batteries or lack built-in protection features. At RELX, we put reliability first by thoroughly testing all our vapes for quality control.

Shop RELX today and discover the vaping experience!

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