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How Long Does a Vape Battery Last?

January 19, 2024

Like most electrical devices, knowing when your battery will die is essential. What’s more, understanding the components that can shorten your battery’s life is necessary if you’re going to unnecessarily save yourself from buying new vapes. 

Most rechargeable vapes will have the same cycle, but once that cycle is complete, the battery won’t be able to recharge, and your vape will no longer work as you want it to. Discover how long your vape’s battery can last and what you need to do to give it a longer life by reading on!

What Can Affect Vape Battery Life?

Like most electronic devices, a vape’s battery can be susceptible to damage or simply not lasting due to various factors. Understanding these multiple factors can help you to know why your battery’s life might be waning. 

These factors include: 

  • Size of Your Battery - Size doesn’t refer to how big the battery is to the naked eye. Instead, you measure battery size in milliamps (mAh); the higher the mAh, the greater the battery’s capacity. Disposable vapes often use smaller mAh, which will run out quicker. 
  • How Regularly You Vape - Using your vape often will inevitably drain your battery’s life. 
  • Wattage You Vape At - If you’re using a vape pen with a higher wattage, you’ll likely find your battery drains quicker. 
  • Overcharging Your Vape - You might think charging and vaping simultaneously or even leaving your device charging overnight is fine. If you overcharge your vape, you’ll shorten the battery’s lifespan.
  • Keeping The Battery On When Not In Use - Drain the battery, and you’ll naturally weaken its lifespan, especially if you charge it overnight. 

Understanding Voltage and mAh


Voltage refers to the output force of the battery. Is voltage the same as wattage? The short answer is no. The main difference between wattage and voltage is wattage measures a battery’s power, and voltage measures its potential power. The main thing to remember is that should you increase the potential (volts), you’ll increase the battery’s power (watts), and that has an effect on your vape because the coils’ resistance (ohms) will determine how much power the vape needs (from the battery) to work. It's certainly a delicate balance.

Let's move on to mAh.


The battery size of your vape is measured in milliamps (mAh), a unit of measure to assess the battery's electrical power over time: the more mAh, the greater your battery’s capacity. 

This is important to understand because some manufacturers specifically design vapes with smaller mAh, so the battery will die quicker and need replacing (such as the case with disposable batteries). Other vape designs will have higher mAh; thus, noticing this will give you a clue as to how long your vape’s battery will last. 

Typically, vape pens will have between 1000 and 3000 mAh, giving you a couple of days of charge before dying, should you use the vape with light to moderate frequency. Batteries with 5000 mAh or higher are typically high-capacity batteries and should last several days, depending on your usage.

Internal vs Removable Vape Batteries

While there aren’t significant differences between performance (should both battery types have the same or similar mAh ratings), there are different pros to using the two battery types. 

Internal Batteries

You'll be less likely to damage internal batteries if you cannot remove them because you can't accidentally tamper with other vape elements. However, you'll want to avoid banging your batteries or exposing them to the elements to keep them working correctly. 

Removable Batteries

An advantage of removable batteries is that you can replace them with batteries with a higher mAh rating. However, in taking them out, it’s possible to damage them when charging. Should the protective wrapping become damaged, you’ll risk making the batteries unstable. 

How Does Vape Size Affect Vape Battery Life?

While the physical size of the vape doesn’t affect battery life in isolation, it will affect the battery's size. If you have a small vape, it’ll likely have a smaller battery. At the same time, larger vapes will allow for more room and larger capacities. 

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Vape Battery? 

Vape batteries will charge for a specific number of cycles (like most batteries), usually 300 times. If you are constantly using your vape and thus charging your vape several times a day, you’ll get through the cycle quicker than if you set the vape once a day.

How to Maximise How Long Your Vape Battery Lasts

Avoid buying vape after vape simply by staying informed and knowing what tips will keep your vape's battery longer.

  • Keep Your Vape Clean - If you’re guilty of putting your vape in dusty bags or pockets, you could increase the likelihood of debris interfering with the connection between the battery and the charger or your cartridge. So keep your battery clean and store your vape in clean spaces. 
  • Don’t Overcharge It - Ensure you know how to charge your vape! Overcharging any electrical device tends to be bad news, as you’ll unnecessarily be draining the battery’s lifespan. One primary way to avoid overcharging is not to charge your battery overnight.
  • Turn It Off When Not Using It - Conserve your battery by turning your vape off entirely when you aren’t using it. Doing this will prevent you from recharging, meaning you aren’t going through your battery’s recycling charge too quickly. 
  • Avoid Chain Vaping - Ensure you know how to use a vape properly and avoid chain vaping to avoid draining your battery too quickly. Chain vaping isn’t advisable because vaping generally has health risks, yet to be fully understood due to the need for longer-term research.

Final Thoughts

While there are various reasons why your vape might be losing battery and speed, it’s essential to go through all of the steps to ensure you’re giving your vape as much longevity as possible. However, not all vapes can live forever, so when your vape runs out of battery and it’s time to find a new one, explore RELX’s vape collection!

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