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What Does It Mean When a Disposable Vape Blinks Blue?

December 22, 2023

When LED lights start flashing at you unexpectedly, no matter what device, it can be easy to panic and think your device is broken. However, it’s likely that your device just isn’t working as it should be. And while, more often than not, flashing blue lights indicate the device isn’t working as it should, don’t worry.

Before discarding your vape, you can read on to find the possible reasons behind the blue flashing LEDs so you can find the right solution.

Why Do Some Disposable Vapes Have LED Lights?

Like most electronic devices, manufacturers incorporate LED lights into the design of e-cigarettes, not just because they make the device look pretty. Most importantly, LED lights help the device user understand if it’s working as it should be, and different colours can indicate various features or problems. 

For example, going back to the first few designs of vapes, there would usually be a single white LED light on the battery/cartridge component so that when you inhaled, the LED white light would light up to showcase the battery was working and vapour was being produced. Although basic, this indication that the vape was working as it should be was helpful to users.

Research suggests that the evolution of the technology behind vape devices is partly the reason for their popularity in recent years. When you think back to when an e-cigarette had one LED light to now with multiple LED lights and colours to increase ease-of-use, stylish design, and new flavourings, it’s unsurprising that vapes are so popular.

Unlike at the start of their manufacturing, vapes now allow users more control over how they vape. Let's get into a few reasons why your disposable vape may be flashing blue.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Flashing Blue? 5 Possible Reasons

Low Battery

Different vape manufacturers will design their vape devices differently. However, a blue blinking light can often be a broad indicator that there’s an issue with your battery’s power. It could be that the blinking will stop and become a different colour, indicating the battery’s status. However, it could warn you that your battery is about to die and you must charge it. 

If you see a blinking light, could you plug it in to charge and see if that makes a difference? 

Low Vape Juice 

Not knowing why your vape pen is blinking can be frustrating if your battery is fully charged. However, it would be best if you remembered that e-juice or e-liquid is a necessity for the correct function of any vape. The battery heats the tank to create the vapour needed for the user to inhale, so without it, the vape is useless. E-juice can contain different levels of nicotine and comes in different flavours, so it’s important for vapers to know when they’re about to run out. Should there be a blue flashing light, it could be that the blue LED is reminding you that your number of puffs (meaning the amount of vapour you have left) is ending. 

Different vapes will have separate predicted puffs, and while you can count each one, you’ll likely forget what number you’re on. Or perhaps the duration of your inhalations differs from the average person’s, so the predicted number of puffs won’t be too helpful to you. 

If the battery is fine, we recommend checking if your tank is running out. If you dry-burn your coil, you might inhale toxic chemicals that could cause acute respiratory distress. 

A Loose Battery 

Although it sounds obvious, the battery and the LED lights are connected, so while your battery level might be acceptable, a loose battery could be the source of your problem. 

If you’ve tried charging your vape and checked your e-liquid level, ensure your vape’s battery is firmly in place. It’s possible that excess oil or dirt from the e-juice could obstruct the battery and the necessary point of contact. 

Turning your vape off and cleaning this clog with a Q-tip is usually enough to get it working again. Could you remove the lithium battery before cleaning it so as not to ruin or damage it? 

Possible Overheating

If the battery and vape are clean and firmly in place, another battery-related problem could be overheating. Different devices will blink for various reasons; some flash when users inhale as a reminder that overheating can occur, but then they shut off once the inhalation has finished. 

If you’ve been using your vape more than usual, consider taking a break and seeing if the vape cools down and stops blinking. 

The Power Button Is Malfunctioning 

Usually, lit LED lights indicate that the vape is in use, but a blue flashing light could mean that your power button is stuck. It could be stuck because gunk from the e-liquid has infiltrated the power component, making the button sticky. However, it’s also possible that if you’ve been too forceful with the power button, the activation button could be stuck in a rivet. 

Final Thoughts

If your vape device is blinking, it’s best not to panic - it’s often a process of elimination. If you’ve tried to troubleshoot all the possible causes, or if your vape is blinking before you’ve even started to use it, it may be best to dispose of it properly and buy a new one. When looking for a new vape, discover RELX’s vape range today!

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