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Why Does My Vape Pop?

February 01, 2024

If you have recently switched to vaping, you may have asked this question before: why is my vape device making popping and spitting sounds?

As it turns out, this is a relatively regular occurrence that happens to many e-cig users, but it isn't something that you should ignore. 

Those popping sounds can get annoying and usually indicate that there are some underlying issues with your device.

To learn more about this vape popping phenomenon, read on to see what some of the causes are and what you can do to stop it. 

What Causes Vape Popping?

First off, let's discuss some of the more common causes of vape popping. There are quite a few reasons as to why your e-cigarette or pen may be making these sounds, so you should keep an open mind and look into the different causes before working on fixing your device.

Wattage Setting

In vape pens, there are many types of tanks. These tanks contain the e-liquid or juice of your choosing. Tanks range in size and shape and may and could be the reason your device is popping. 

If you have a sub-ohm tank device, then your wattage could be causing the popping and spitting. Wattage settings are somewhat finicky and may require adjustments more frequently than you think. A low wattage setting can cause a popping sound as the device is not heating up at the correct rate allowing room for the e-liquid to bubble and pop rather than vaporize.

The good news is that low wattage is easy to fix! All you have to do is adjust the dial on the device until the popping sound goes away. If the sound sticks around, it may be something else.

The E-Liquid You're Using

There are so many different e-liquids to choose from. It’s no wonder that some can cause vape popping issues. 

When you use the device, you vaporize the e-liquid which resides in the tank. E-liquid formulation is not universal, and there are inconsistencies. Some e-liquids that are thinner tend to interfere with the coils found in most devices. When the coils are interfered with, you may begin to notice that crackling sound. 

An easy fix for this popping sound is to try out a different e-liquid. With a bit of trial and error, you’re sure to find something you can enjoy — without the popping. 

The Coil

Every vape pen is completed with a coil. These coils are one of the components that make up the atomizer. The atomizer is the heating element that works to vaporize the e-liquid, so it is not unusual to have some crackling or popping sounds. 

However, too much of that cracking sound can mean that there is something wrong with the coil. Twisted or braided coils can sometimes cause an increase in these popping noises.

Since these specific coils have a larger build than a traditional one, there is more opportunity for the airflow and vapours to create a sound.

These atomizers can be made of any coil type, so if you notice a lot of these cracking noises, you may want to consider getting a new or different coil for your vaping device. 

Note: To resolve any issues with your device, you should be aware of the components that are inside of it. For example, knowing the type of coil, the atomiser component, and the e-liquid can help you diagnose the issue at hand. 

The Chimney

The drip tip or chimney may also be the cause of popping noises. There are a couple of reasons as to why the chimney may be at fault.

For starters, we must acknowledge that there are many different vape devices on the market, and with many different builds. The components that make up devices vary, so this is not necessarily going to be a cure-all for your situation. 

When you are vaping, there is an exchange of airflow that moves through the device's chimney. If the area is too small or constricted, there is a good chance that the juice and condensation can build up. This build-up may lead to that spitting sound that you are working to stop.

Again, many different devices have differing chimney sizes. If this seems to be the issue, you can always try a vape pen with a larger chimney.

This is one of the easier ways to open up the airflow and it will usually stop, or at least significantly reduce the severity of the popping noise.  

The drip tip can also be responsible for some of these sounds. Since the drip tip design is quite different from a traditional model, your best option may be to either change the tip or try a new model altogether. 

How to Prevent Vape Popping

Adjust Wattage Settings:

Check your wattage settings if you're experiencing popping sounds, especially with sub-ohm tank devices. Low wattage models can lead to e-liquid not vaporizing correctly, causing popping. Adjust the wattage to ensure proper heating and minimize unwanted noises.

Choose the Right E-Liquid:

E-liquids come in various formulations, and thinner ones may interfere with coils, resulting in crackling sounds. Experiment with different e-liquids to find one that works well with your device, reducing the chances of popping.

Monitor and Replace Coils:

 Coils are integral to the atomizer and can contribute to popping noises. If your coils are twisted or braided, they might increase popping sounds. Regularly check and replace coils to maintain optimal performance and minimize unwanted crackling.

Examine the Chimney and Drip Tip:

The chimney and drip tip significantly impact airflow dynamics in your vape device. If these components are too constricted or small, it creates a conducive environment for e-liquid and condensation buildup, resulting in undesirable spitting sounds. Opt for devices with larger chimneys or experiment with diverse drip tip designs to optimize airflow, minimizing the occurrence of popping sounds. This adjustment enhances your vaping experience and contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable session.

Be Mindful of Device Components:

 Understanding your device's components, including coil type, atomizer, and e-liquid, is crucial for troubleshooting. Awareness of these elements allows you to diagnose issues accurately and take appropriate measures to prevent or minimize vape popping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if a Vape Pops in Your Mouth?

Experiencing a vape pop in your mouth can be unpleasant and may result in hot e-liquid reaching your mouth. This experience can cause discomfort, potential irritation, and a burnt taste. To prevent this, follow the above tips to minimize popping incidents and enhance your vaping experience.



While vape popping is not all that unusual, it can get in the way of the experience of owning and using one of these devices. There are many reasons why a popping, bubbling, or crackling sound may occur. 

Typically, the issues are not that serious and can be resolved by trial and error. If you have been noticing an increase in the popping and crackling sounds while you are vaping, try not to panic.

If you can, take some time and work through the list that we have created above. It may be a combination of the reasons listed above, or it could be a really quick fix – it is best to try a couple of the fast remedies that we mentioned above and see if you can get anywhere with it.

If you are willing to take a little time to work through these issues, we are sure that you will be able to find the reason why these sounds are coming from and that you will be able to fix them on your own in no time at all!

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