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What Does Ohms Mean on a Vape?

November 25, 2023

Ohms relate to the resistance and power you get from your vaping experience, and lower or higher ohms can drastically impact the vapour, flavour, and temperature. Learn more about ohms and what you can expect from low-ohm and high-ohm vaping below.

What Are Ohms?

Ohms refer to the unit of measurement for electrical resistance. In vaping, it is used to measure the resistance of the coil in a vape device. The lower the ohms, the less resistance there is, and the more electricity and power will flow through the vape device. On the other hand, by increasing the ohms, the vape atomizer will receive less current and, therefore, less power through the coil.

Vape coils usually range from 2.4 to 2.8 ohms, but some offer more flexibility to get even lower. Many people enjoy a resistance of around 2.5 ohms for their vape device. 

What's the Difference Between Ohm Levels When Vaping?

There are two primary levels when it comes to ohms in vaping - lower ohm and higher ohm. Let's explore the key differences in the experience of lower-ohm and higher-ohm vaping.

Lower Ohm Vaping

Lower ohm vaping is often associated with sub-ohm vaping, where the coil's resistance is below 1.0 ohms. However, you don't need an ohm level that low to enjoy lower ohm vaping.

This vaping type allows for more power to flow through the coil, resulting in more significant vapour production, more giant clouds, and a warmer vape experience.

Here's what you'll notice about this kind of vaping:

  • The electrical current travels more easily
  • The coil gets hotter quicker
  • The vape device will produce more vapour
  • The vapour that the device produces is warmer on the throat
  • Depending on the e-liquid being used, the flavour of the vapour may be intensified or diminished
  • More battery is used, so the battery will drain quicker, requiring more frequent charging
  • More likely to experience dry inhalations
  • E-liquid will be used more quickly, requiring more frequent refilling

This could be a list of positives for you if this is the kind of vaping experience you prefer – more intensity, heat, and power.

However, keep in mind that it also means:

  • Battery life may be reduced
  • Coil life will be reduced and may only last a few days

Higher Ohm Vaping

On the other hand, higher ohm vaping is when the coil's resistance is much higher. This vaping style offers a more subtle experience with less power and smaller vapour production than lower-ohm vaping.

Here's what you'll notice about this kind of vaping:

  • The electrical current travels less easily
  • The coil takes longer to heat up
  • The vapour will be cooler on the throat
  • The vape device will produce less vapour
  • The flavour is often diminished 
  • Less battery power is required for each inhalation, so the battery will last longer, and you will need to recharge the device much less frequently
  • Less likely to experience dry inhalations
  • Less e-liquid is used for each inhalation, so you will not need to refill as often

There are clear pros and cons to each vaping style. Some may prefer this lower-intensity option that keeps the vapour cooler on the throat and allows the coil and battery to last much longer.

What Ohm Resistance Should I Use When Vaping?

The ohm resistance you use is up to you, but for some general advice, an ideal range can be between 1.5 and 5.0, depending on your voltage. This is because Ohm's law requires the current and voltage to remain proportional. For example, a low voltage of 3.0 works well with a lower resistance of 1.5 ohms, while a high voltage of 5.5 works better with a higher resistance of around 5 ohms.

However, checking the manufacturer's guidance for recommended ohm resistance is always best. We suggest approaching it this way because there's a lot of new technology on the market today. Even subtle differences in materials can impact the wattage needed, and manufacturers can offer more precise advice.

The good news is that, with closed-system vapes, this isn't an issue, as they are designed to work in a specific way that optimises the vaping experience. You won't need to set your own vape's ohm level; simply enjoy the ohm level that's been pre-determined by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Less Ohms Mean More Vapour?

Generally, fewer ohms will generate more vapour when using a vape device. This is because it creates less resistance, allowing more electricity to flow through the device easily, thus vaporizing more liquid into vapour. Sub-ohm vaping with ohms under 1 produces the most vapour.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to vaping, the ohm level you use is a personal preference. It depends on your desired experience and how much power, heat, and vapour you want your device to produce. Experiment with different ohm levels to find what works best for you. Remember, ohms are not a concern for closed-system vapes like those from the RELX collection, as the device is designed to work with specific pods that do not require adjustment.

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