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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Vape Brands

Written by: Kevin Wu



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Finding the right vape brand can feel overwhelming with so many options on the market. Every company offers different options in e-cigarettes and juice flavors. Not to mention more manufacturers are becoming creative with their designs. Devices now are more compact and stylish.

The key to selecting the right mod is understanding what matters most to you. Pinpointing your biggest needs will lead you to the right fit. Do you need a device that has a long battery life? Or do you want something you can bring almost anywhere? Choose an e-cigarette that meets your immediate requirements.

This guide will break down the essential factors to consider when choosing a vape brand that fits your lifestyle. Let's dive in and make your choice easier.

Quality and Reliability

Like with any purchase, you want a product that is safe and consistent in performance. One of the most crucial elements that you should take into consideration when choosing a vape to buy is the brand's commitment to manufacturing standards. Reliable companies will operate under strict setups and make sure that products pass strict testing before entering the market.

RELX is a top brand to consider in this regard. Premium vapes require premium materials. That's why we use only the finest ingredients to craft e-liquids that satisfy and excel. We're obsessed with getting it right, so every device gets the artisan treatment. Our products are handcrafted with attention to detail that borders on perfection.

Design and Aesthetic

A product that isn't visually appealing might not be as enticing to buy. Design and aesthetics can also influence your overall experience in vaping. 

The majority of today’s e-cigarettes carry a stylish design and color. However, when shopping around you, make sure to look into vape companies that go beyond the surface. 

You want a device that’s ergonomically designed and easy to carry around. The ultimate vape companion should be compact and ready to go whenever you are. No bulky devices or fussy lugging around is needed. It should be easy to store in pockets or bags.

Ease of Use

E-cigarettes that are easy to use benefit both beginners and experienced vapers. The RELX Essential Starter Kit stands out as a prime example of a user-friendly vape. We offer simplicity without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to frustration. Thai device is a walk in the park, giving you the confidence to vape like a pro. We strip away the extras, giving you high-quality results without the fuss.

The Essential Device is designed to be convenient. It has an ergonomic mouthpiece that fits comfortably on your lips. The device activates as you inhale. No need to push any buttons or adjust any settings. Just hit it and draw.

One of the standout features is the leak-resistant maze made with 11 structural layers. This prevents internal leaks and condensation. You can guarantee no juice leakage even during flights. The symmetrical pods pave the way for easy installation and consistent performance.

Charging the Essential device is so easy because of our symmetric click charging system. The 350mAh battery is built-in. It charges in about 40 minutes. This means you'll spend less time waiting and more time vaping.

Lastly, the Essential device is equipped with SuperSmooth™ performance. This ensures optimized draw and rich vapor production in comfort. The fast and sensitive activation ensures a smooth hit every time you inhale.

Battery Life and Performance

A vape that runs out of battery quickly can be incredibly frustrating. You can't have a great vape session without a device that's up to the task. A strong battery means you can focus on what matters—enjoying your vape and not searching for an outlet.

The RELX Infinity 2 stands out for its exceptional battery life and versatile performance. This device has a robust 440mAh battery on board. You can enjoy extended use without the need to recharge your device. 

And when you do need to plug it in, you only need 15 minutes to charge it up to 80%. It’s 130% faster than its predecessor. 

The Infinity 2 device kicks it up a notch with power modes that adapt to your needs. You can switch between three distinct power levels in one simple click.

  • With Boost Mode, every sip becomes an indulgent experience, bursting with flavor. This level also has 15% bigger clouds than the Smooth Mode.
  • The Smooth Mode offers a super smooth and familiar taste. People turn to this one for a seamless vape experience. It's a tried-and-true choice.
  • Switch to Eco Mode for battery efficiency. This mode provides light puffs and extends battery life adding 65% more puffs per charge.



Flavor Variety and Pod Options

Our tastes differ. This is especially true when it comes to the flavors of your e-liquids. When searching brands, find one that offers a variety of options for e-juices. 

Having options ensures there's always something new to try. Whether you're in the mood for fruity or menthol flavors, this diversity allows you to switch up juices regularly for overall satisfaction.

The right vape brand will continuously innovate and expand its offerings. Much like at RELX, we have something to match your mood or preference. 

Customer Support and Warranty

Excellent customer support and a solid warranty are crucial for any tech purchase. Let's face it, things don't always go according to plan. But with a skilled team at your disposal, you can have a breath of relief knowing that help is just a call away. You can go through troubleshooting or device replacement without much hassle.

Having a comprehensive warranty is like having a guardian angel watching over your investment. It’s a reassuring feeling that lets you sleep better at night. Always choose a vape brand with responsive and helpful customer service and a robust warranty.

At RELX, we've got you covered. Any defects or malfunctions are fully addressed, giving you complete peace of mind with your investment. 


A great vape brand can make all the difference between a mediocre and an amazing vaping experience. Say goodbye to sluggish performance and hello to a seamless vaping experience with RELX.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out, we have a product that's sure to hit the spot. Browse our collection to find a device that resonates with your personality and vaping style.

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