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5 Warning Signs Your Vape Needs Replacement

April 06, 2022

No matter what kind of vape you have, you'll likely need to replace it at some point. Whether you need to replace just the coils or the entire device, knowing when a change is necessary is vital.

Some of the warning signs you need to replace your vape are obvious, but other symptoms can be far more subtle. Luckily, we've created this neat little guide on detecting a deteriorating vape.

By the time you finish reading, you'll know exactly when and how to replace vape coils or other components on your device.

How Do You Know When Your Vape Needs To Be Replaced?

Here are some of the common signs your vape coil needs replacing.

Unsettling Burnt Taste

A burning taste is the most noticeable sign that your vape is nearing its end, even if you switch flavours. The cause of the unpleasant burning taste is your coils burning excessively and diminishing over time. In other words, your vape juice is burning instead of vaporizing.

The damaged coils not only produce a terrible taste, but they can also cause you to inhale toxic compounds from the heavy metals inside. As a result, it is best to fix this unpleasant experience right away.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to resolve the burning flavour problem. For starters, you could try cleaning your device. While this doesn't always work, it will help ensure that everything is working correctly. However, you'll likely need to undergo coil replacement if your problem is a worn-out coil.

You Hear Gurgling Sounds While Vaping

If you hear a gurgling sound while vaping, it could be a sign that something is amiss. Once again, the gurgling sound issue is most likely a problem with your vape coil.

It could be that your coil isn't getting hot enough to vaporize the e-liquid. In that case, it could be due to a dying battery. However, gurgling noises are usually a result of a dead coil and typically require a new coil.

While buying replacement coils may not seem ideal, it's usually the only way to get your device to work correctly again.

Your Vape Device Is Leaking

A vaping device leaking e-liquid is usually a sign of a bad coil. A damaged coil will cause the e-juice to leak inside, damaging the power source and other components. Moreover, leaking e-juice will hinder your vaping experience and could make you feel sick.

If you notice signs of a leak, the best solution is to take it apart and carefully check all the components. While it's probably your coil that's damaged, it could be any part of the hardware causing the e-liquid to escape.

It might be best to replace the coil immediately if that is the source of the leaking. Otherwise, you risk constantly getting e-juice in your mouth while vaping.

The E-Juice Suddenly Tastes Different

If your favourite vape juice flavour is starting to taste different, there could be a problem with the vape coil. Above, we mention that a damaged vape coil can cause an awful burning taste, which needs replacing ASAP. However, it could also be that your old coil isn't vaporizing the e-liquid properly.

As a result, the e-liquid will start to taste different. If you've been using a worn coil for a long time, it's wise to replace it with a new vape coil to see if it improves how your vape tastes.

Really Light Vapour Production

Over time, your vape might start to produce less vapour every time you take a draw. In that case, it is probably because your vape coil isn't heating up enough to vaporize e-liquid sufficiently.

This problem is common for people who do chain vaping or overuse the e-cigarette. The coil has low resistance and can't create the typical large vapour clouds.

The good news is the solution is probably quite simple. You likely need to add a new coil. Also, check the device's charge to see if the battery is dying. Sometimes recharging your device can increase vaper production.

How to Change Your Vape Coils

Now you know that your vape coil will eventually burn out, how do you change coils? Adding a new vape coil to your device might seem tedious, but it's surprisingly a straightforward process. Furthermore, there are many benefits of adding a replacement vape coil.

Here are some helpful tips:

1) Take Your Vape Apart

The first step to changing your vape coil is to disassemble your device. Depending on the e-cig you use, the mouthpiece should easily unscrew from the device. Some vapes keep their coils in a tank located at the bottom below the mouthpiece.

2) Detach the Vape Coil

After locating the vape coil, it's time to remove it from your device. Carefully rotate the coil attachment counter-clockwise until it detaches from the rest of the e-cig. Next, place the tank upside down to ensure you can remove the coil properly.

Remember, the coil will be covered in liquid residue and can create quite a mess. As a result, it's wise to have a paper towel ready to keep your hands clean.

3) Insert Your Replacement Coil

Now it's time to add your coil replacement. Remember to add some e-juice to the coil ASAP to prevent it from burning out when you turn your vape back on. Let the juice soak into the coil for a short period, then gently screw it into your device.

Note that the manufacturer might provide instructions on what kind of coils are compatible. Review the instruction manual before adding a new coil to your vape.

4) Test It Out

After replacing the coil, it's time to test your device by vaping. Your e-cig shouldn't leak or make any strange sounds if you've done everything correctly. If your vaping experience seems normal, then you're all set.


What Is a Vape Coil's Lifespan?

Vape coils for electronic cigarettes will typically last anywhere from 7 to 21 days, depending on the frequency of use. One month is approximately the max length a vape coil will last before symptoms appear.

It's crucial that you make adjustments the moment you notice your vape coil needs replacing. Otherwise, you could have a bad vaping experience.

How Often Should You Replace Your Vape Coils?

Given that a vape coil needs replacing every 7-21 days, you should aim to change your coil every week or so. Although this might seem like extensive maintenance, it's an essential part of owning an electronic cigarette.

If replacing vape coils every week isn't ideal for you, opting for a pod vape device might be a better alternative. These vapes use a pre-filled pod that you can easily change out once the juice runs out.

How Long Can a Vape Device Last?

As you may be aware, vapes come in several shapes and sizes. As a result, some devices will inevitably last longer than others. The average time a device will last without any significant issues is about six months.

After that, you'll likely need to change a few components or get a new device altogether. The coils and battery are usually the first things that need to go. Eventually, the other hardware can become damaged.

If you start to notice any signs that your vape isn't working correctly, you can take it to your local e-cigarette shop to see if they can fix it. However, you'll probably need to get new components or a new device entirely.

Is It Worth Cleaning a Vape Coil?

Many people clean their coils to improve the overall quality of their vaping. However, does cleaning your coils actually help?

Since coils are a vital part of your device, keeping them clean can be advantageous. For starters, it can make your e-liquid taste better. Plus, removing all the gunk from your coils could improve vaper production.

Some claim that soaking your coils in alcohol will remove the gunk faster and more efficiently. That said, be careful whenever adding any other liquids to your coils. The excess alcohol could leak into your device and cause further damage.


You need to pay close attention to signs that your coil is burning out. Otherwise, you risk unpleasant experiences, malfunctioning, or even health issues. However, if you can change your vape coil often enough, you should never have any significant problems with your device.

If owning and operating a vape seems excessively laborious, but you want an optimal experience every time, consider a pod vape. At RELX, we offer innovative vaping technology backed by quality components that last.

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