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How To Deal With a Leaking Vape

November 16, 2023

When technology fails, it can seem like an endless struggle to get devices fixed and working again, but this doesn’t have to be the case with leaky vapes.

Don’t let a leak ruin your vaping experience! In this article, we’ll offer solutions and get you back to vaping track in no time. 

Why Is My Vape Leaking?

Your Tank Isn’t Filled Properly

Inside every vape is a tank, and every tank will have a maximum level to fill with e-liquid. 

If you go past this marker, it’s likely that your e-liquid will leak out of your device. Why? Not leaving a slight gap means there's no vacuum, which helps to keep the e-juice inside the tank.

To avoid this issue, tilt your tank at a 45-degree angle when filling your tank with e-liquid up to the maximum level line. 

Your Coils Aren’t Installed Properly

In many vapes, you can now remove and reinstall coils to get the most efficient vaping experience. However, leaking can occur if they aren’t aligned or tightly in place. 

Most coils will have a silicone ring to provide an anti-leak design to the tank, so the coils must be in place for the tank not to leak. If your coil is “screw-in,” you’ll need to ensure proper alignment before screwing it in. 

If you have a glass tank, make sure that you fit every part firmly but not too tight, as you could damage the silicone seals. Should you damage the seals, the tank will no longer be leak-proof. 

Perhaps Your Tank is Damaged 

Have you recently dropped or stepped on your vape? This may hint at damage to your tank. If you've made this blunder, it could be a glaring sign that your vape needs replacing.

Unfortunately, glass tanks can be more prone to damage. Before discarding your tank, however, we recommend disseminating all the vape components, including the coils. It would be beneficial to check that it isn’t the coils or the silicone seals causing the problem.  

You’ve Got The Wrong E-Liquid

Believe it or not, some e-liquids are less compatible with specific coils, and this, in turn, can produce leaks. But how? 

First, understand that manufacturers will design coils to be used with high propylene glycol (PG) or high vegetable glycerin (VG) e-liquids, and they do this to offer the vaper a different experience. For example, if you favour the direct-to-lung vaping technique, most compatible devices will use more power and wicking materials, like cotton, to absorb thicker e-liquids (i.e. high VG e-juices). 

When this is the case, the vapes typically have low-resistance coils for vaping devices with a capability of 25W-200W. However, mouth-to-lung vapes, popular with those who have just started vaping, suit high-PG e-liquid blends better. This means the vape will use a higher resistance coil with devices with 5-25W of power.

These specificities are essential. if you were to pair a thinner PG e-juice in a direct-to-lung high-wattage vaping device, a leak could occur. How? The cotton might not soak the liquid because the coils and wicking material get too hot too quickly, making the e-liquid runny and liable to leak. 

Your Coils Need Changing 

If you aren’t constantly vaping, most coils will last 1-2 weeks. However, if a coil is burnt out, it won’t function properly, meaning the wicking cotton won’t be able to keep the e-liquid soaked up. When this happens, the e-juice can leak through the coils. 

The easiest way to notice if your coils are damaged is if you taste a slight burning or if your e-liquid doesn’t look its usual colour. When this happens, try changing your coils and see if that makes a difference. 

Your Vape Is Too Hot

If all of these aren’t the problem, then perhaps your device is too hot. If you push too much power through the wattage range, your coils will heat too much and overheat your e-liquid. This will mean that your lock can’t keep the e-liquid in its designated space, ruining your coils’ longevity. 

We also recommend against chain-vaping as a possible solution. If you vape non-stop, your device won’t have time to cool down, resulting in a leak or possibly worse accidents occurring, such as catching on fire or exploding. 

What To Do if Your Vape Is Leaking

If your vape leaks, cleaning any leaks as soon as possible is essential to avoid nasty stains on your clothes, carpets, or surfaces. Let's move through a few steps below. 

1. Collect a bowl of warm soap and water 

The good news is most of these leaks can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Mix some warm water and dish soap in a bucket or bowl.

2. Move the leaking vape away from anything precious

If your vape is still leaking, place it away from any materials and put it on a surface you don’t mind getting a little dirty. 

3. Remove the Residue 

Remove the residue as quickly as possible from the vape to prevent it from dirtying any other surfaces. Get a damp, clean cloth and pat the affected areas. Be sure not to rub the residue into any fabrics or materials. 

4. Clean the surrounding area 

Once done, clean the remaining space with warm soap and water using a clean cloth or a sponge. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’re likely to prevent stains. 

How To Prevent Your Vape From Leaking

It’s best to try and fix your vape, rather than throwing it away, so that you aren’t contributing to a broader plastic problem for the environment. Follow the below steps for prevention.  

Check Seals

First, could you check that all the components of your vape are correctly connected and fastened? Sometimes when trying to multi-task, you could’ve forgotten to screw the coils in properly. So, ensure everything is connected correctly. 

Empty The Chimney 

If you’ve got e-liquid in your central airflow tube, remove it immediately as the chimney goes from the tank to the mouthpiece. Do this by cleaning the vent with a paper towel or cloth before you start vaping. 

Hold Your Tank Upright

When tanks have been on their sides for long periods, liquid can start to seep into places it shouldn’t. Try to keep your vape vertical where possible, even if you’re not using it. 

Check The Airflow

Before filling your tank, ensure you close the airflow correctly. Then, when using your vape, make sure the airflow is open just enough to allow you to inhale gently. You could accidentally drag too much e-juice into the coil if inhaled too forcefully. 

Fill To the Mark

Don't overfill your tank. If you do, you’ll lessen the handy air pocket at the top, which keeps the liquid where it needs to be. 

Check For Damage

Now and then, check your device for any signs of damage, like cracks or scuffs, especially after dropping your vape. A bit of bent metal or a slight break in the glass tank will likely mean the vape is no longer airtight. 

Use The Right E-Liquid

The vast array of e-liquid options can overwhelm you and have you purchasing the wrong e-juice for your device. So, if you have a coil needing more power, we recommend avoiding e-liquid with less than 70% VG content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK if My Vape Leaks?

While a leaking vape might not be life-threatening, it’s certainly a sign that your device isn’t working correctly. When not working correctly, at worst, it could cause an accident, and at best, it can cause a mess in your home or workplace. So it’s wise to avoid a leaking vape and fix it if you’ve got one - using the above steps.

Why Is My Vape Constantly Leaking?

There are many reasons as to why your vape could be leaking. If you’ve tried preventive measures, but it’s still leaking, then it’s likely that your vape is damaged beyond any quick fixes, potentially due to damage to the tanks, and needs replacing. 

Final Thoughts

Annoyingly, vape devices can leak for a variety of reasons, and when they do, they can ruin your vaping experience, cause a mess, and possibly cause accidents. If you’ve tried preventive measures or know your vape is beyond repair, it’s best to browse RELX’s collection today and find a new and trustworthy device.

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