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How To Vape Without Coughing

October 03, 2023

It might seem alarming if you’re constantly coughing while vaping. However, coughing is a natural bodily reflex that your lungs use to expel threats. So to combat any coughing fits, you need to first discover why you might be coughing and then the methods you can use to combat it. 

Read on to discover how to transform your vaping experience!

Why Do I Cough When I Vape?

Coughing occurs when inhaling anything irritating to your lungs, such as dust, fumes, or vapours. Coughing is your body’s natural reaction to protect you from harm. You can’t control a cough as your body reacts involuntarily; your chest muscles and abdomen will work to expel the unwanted substance from your lungs. 

It can be unnerving to suddenly find yourself in a coughing fit, and a coughing fit brought on by vaping is no exception. Coughing while vaping usually happens to those who are vaping for the first time. Luckily, most people evolve from the initial coughing fits as they get used to vaping.

To help get your coughing fit under control, it’s important to note the source of the coughing so that you can find the quickest solution to prevent it from reoccurring. 

Here are a few reasons you might be coughing when you vape:

You’re A New Vaper

One of the most common reasons for a coughing fit while vaping is that you’re new to the experience. The reason is likely because the vapours are a foreign substance to your lungs, so you cough to try and expel the foreign substance. However, with time, your body recognizes the vapours, and the coughing fits subside.

You Take Too-Big Puffs

When you’re an inexperienced vaper, you’re more likely to take big puffs, meaning you inhale a lot of vapour. Doing so can irritate your throat, especially if taking direct-to-lung puffs. While more common in those inexperienced, too-big puffs can affect even the most experienced vapers. 

You’re Dehydrated

Especially among first-time users, you might experience a dry throat or dehydration, often due to the propylene glycol and nicotine in vapes. These two chemicals can make you thirsty and cause a dry throat. If you're experiencing a dry throat or mild dehydration, you’re more likely to experience a coughing fit. 

You’re Having a Bad Reaction to E-liquid

Vaping definitely isn’t harmless, and it’s possible that a bad reaction to the e-liquid of your vape will also bring on coughing fits. Flavours are certainly a part of the appeal to those wanting to vape — however, some people react badly to sharper citrus flavourings, resulting in them coughing when they vape.

How Do You Not Cough When You Start Vaping?

Most of the possible reasons for coughing while vaping are relevant for those who are new to vaping, so what is the best way to avoid this for first-timers? 

Vaping correctly is key to minimizing coughing. Whatever reason you believe is behind your cough, many methods exist to improve your vaping experience. Let’s break them down below.

1. Take Smaller Puffs

Inhaling too much vapour deeply into the lungs increases the chances of a coughing fit. Instead of going fast and deep, try taking slower, shorter, and shallower puffs.

Vaping more mindfully in this way avoids overwhelming your throat and lungs. Following this method will be particularly useful to those just starting vaping. Remember, vaping isn’t about how much you can inhale; your experience should be more relaxing and enjoyable if done mindfully. 

2. Practice Your Vaping Technique

Knowing how to inhale vapour properlyis everything; whether you want to experience direct-to-lung puffs or mouth-to-lung vaping, ensuring you know which technique you’re using is crucial. Not knowing which technique you’re using could contribute to your coughing episodes. It’s essential to pick and perfect a method to prevent unwanted reflexes. 

The mouth-to-lung technique is where you take small, short puffs of vapour into your mouth before you inhale into your lungs, much like how smokers of tobacco cigarettes would inhale. As a result, those vaping for the first time may find this technique more comfortable. 

Direct lung inhaling is more likely to cause coughing as the puffs are often significant, and the vapour goes straight to your lungs. Thus, this technique is better for those who’ve been vaping for a long time.

Whatever vaping technique you choose, make sure you are doing it correctly and perfect it over time to help reduce your coughing fits.

3. Adjust Your Nicotine Level 

Another common reason your body reacts to vaping is that your lungs and throat aren’t yet used to vaping chemicals, such as nicotine. Nicotine irritates the throat, so if you weren’t already a tobacco smoker, this may cause an unwanted bodily reaction. 

If you’re still coughing once you’ve got a better technique down, it’s best to reduce your nicotine levels to see if that deters the coughing. You can reduce your levels by purchasing an e-liquid with less nicotine and see if that allows you to enjoy the vaping experience better.

If you suspect you’re allergic to nicotine due to breaking out in hives, swollen skin, or difficulty breathing, you must stop using it immediately. 

New vapers can always start with a lower nicotine strength – there are even nicotine-free options available. 

4. Reduce Your Heat Level

The higher the heat level, the more vapour your vape pen will create, causing you to take bigger puffs than desired. If you can, lower the vape’s heat settings to adjust the amount of vapour. 

While increasing the heat settings can be great for those wanting to practise vaping tricks, a high heat setting isn’t always suitable for everyone. So double-check your heat settings if you’re coughing and you feel like all the other methods haven’t been effective in helping you reduce your cough. 

5. Try a Different Juice 

Your vape juice can irritate your throat, causing coughing fits. Typically, citrusy flavours like orange or lemon can tickle the throat more due to the sharper notes. If you naturally have a more sensitive throat, avoid the citrus flavours and try something sweeter, like vanilla. You could also opt for less harsh fruity flavours like mango or banana. 

6. Stay Hydrated

Vaping can result in a dry mouth and throat. The dryer your throat or mouth, the more likely you are to cough. As a result, you should drink lots of water, particularly on days you might vape more than usual. The extra lubrication of your throat will prevent dehydration during the day and hopefully combat any bad coughing fits following a puff. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Always Cough When You Vape?

Not everyone will cough while vaping, but coughing and recurring coughing episodes are more likely to happen to those who have just started vaping, so knowing how to vape correctlyhelps. These episodes are often easy to combat and lessen with time. 

 Final Thoughts

Coughing fits are your body’s natural way of expelling foreign substances that it thinks could harm you. Of course, these coughing fits aren’t pleasant, but by identifying the cause of your coughing fits and taking steps to remedy them, they will often subside with time. 

Try these tips we’ve covered today to help your cough subside so you can enjoy a more pleasant vaping experience! 

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