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16 Reasons to Vape Without Nicotine

August 23, 2022

Vaping without nicotine is becoming increasingly popular. With so many top-tier options for zero-nicotine e-liquids on the market, there's never been a better time to try.

Vaping without nicotine can give your body a break from addictive substances, satisfy your sweet tooth, and save money. Below you'll find several great reasons to choose a zero nicotine vape liquid.

1. Free Yourself From an Addictive Substance With Nicotine-Free E-Liquid

Nicotine appears in cigarettes and vapes alike. As the habit-forming substance in many smoking products, it can create chemical dependency, which is all the more reason to choose to vape without it. With non-nicotine e-juice, you're choosing a non-habit-forming option that you can enjoy without worry.

2. Cut Out the Smoker's Cough With E-Cigarettes

Nicotine consumption can wear out your throat over time. That "throat hit" when you're vaping with it can cause you to cough.

The vape cough is similar to a smoker's cough that results from phlegm build-up in the back of the throat. Coughing irritates the throat, and a persistent cough can lead to hoarseness.

3. Enjoy a Smoother Vaping Experience

Zero nicotine vape juice is smooth compared to regular vaping because it cuts the substance that makes you cough.

It means you won't feel so much as a tickle with each inhale. Enjoy the vaping experience while blowing smoke rings, but skip the throat irritation. That's a win.

4. Take out the Toxins From Your E-Liquid

At its core, nicotine is a naturally occurring toxin found in the tobacco plant. Biologically, it is a deterrent to predators, causing bugs feeding on the tobacco plant leaves to feel nauseated, so they'll stop eating.

We may be bigger than bugs, but a toxin is a toxin, and when ingested regularly, it's not doing your nervous system any favours.

5. Free Yourself from the Guilt of a "Bad" Habit

Many people who smoke cigarettes experience guilt, knowing they are partaking in a harmful habit that impacts their own health and the health of the people around them.

It's why many people start vaping as a step toward quitting smoking. When you finally reduce your intake of harmful substances, you free yourself from the guilt of a bad habit. Cutting out any addiction will leave you with a guilt-free and less toxic vaping experience.

6. Taste Stronger Flavours

While nicotine may be odourless as an ingredient, it does carry a harshness that will impact your taste. Beyond that punchy quality, adding anything to a mixture will dilute its flavour. By cutting it out of your vape juice, you're allowing the original flavour to shine through in all its potency.

7. Experience the Full Range of Flavours

If you vape regularly, you'll notice your ability to absorb and differentiate flavours goes down with time. Without nicotine, you'll appreciate each pull's flavour as if it was your first.

8. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Non-Nicotine E-Juice

If you have a sweet tooth, vapes have an assortment of delicious flavours to satisfy your cravings. It can help users trying to cut back on sugar, especially when that sugar comes in a low-calorie package.

9. Find Sugar Substitutes for Vapers with Diabetes

If you're a vaper with diabetes, you can get all the flavour of the sweet treats that you crave without worrying about it affecting your insulin levels. The same goes for compulsive eating. Replacing a slice of cake with a Chocolate flavoured vape pen will give you all the flavour without all those unwanted carbs and calories.

10. Cut Cravings and Substitute Habits

Many people quitting smoking replace one bad habit for another by over-consuming sugar to give them a similar buzz.

Vaping can be a two-birds-one-stone deal, letting you cut back on your nicotine addiction and sugar cravings.

11. Feel the Buzz in a More Natural Way

Vaping with nicotine juice can induce a light buzz. That buzz is the brain releasing dopamine in response to the chemical. But after prolonged vape use, it begins to wear off over time. You'll need to use more to feel that same buzz.

When you free yourself from chemical dependency, your body can restore the natural "buzz" that you can feel from eating a good meal or having fun with loved ones.

12. Take a Break With Nicotine-Free Vape Juice

The more you smoke, the more toxins you ingest. Too much nicotine can make you feel jittery, lethargic, or sick. Take a break with a non-nicotine vape juice, and notice any differences in your body. You might like the change you feel.

13. Vaping Without Nicotine Can Save Money

If none of the above reasons convinced you, this one is for you: consuming nicotine can be a black hole for your cash.

The more you vape, the more often you'll buy e-liquids and empty your wallet. Zero-nicotine vapes can save you money by reducing your cravings and usage.

14. Reduce Your Vaping Usage

Because nicotine is an addictive chemical, people who use vaping juice with it are likely to use it at a higher rate than those who choose zero nicotine options.

15. Test New Flavours at a Lower Cost

The next time you're shopping for juices, look at the e-liquid options, and you'll likely notice the non-nicotine options often cost less or have great discounts.

If you're looking to try new flavours, purchasing a zero nicotine option can be a great way to test out different flavours without spending too much money on them.

16. Enjoy the Social Benefits of Smoking Without the Smoke

We've all met a social smoker who smokes to enjoy the community that comes with it.

By vaping without harmful substances, you can enjoy that same social experience without having to partake in habit-forming products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Point of Nicotine-Free Vaping?

For many tobacco users, a nicotine-free vape pen can be a helpful tool to quit smoking. Smoking leads to high blood pressure, lung cancer, and other harmful effects.

Is Vaping Addictive?

Zero nicotine vape juices don't carry the same adverse side effects associated with the harmful substances in cigarettes. You can avoid developing a chemical dependency by removing the addictive substance in the e-liquid.

Are Nicotine-Free Vapes the Same as Regular Vapes?

No. But it's not different in a way that you'll miss. Most people who make the switch say that after a week, they barely notice the difference in reduced nicotine strength.

Are Non-Nicotine Vapes Safer?

Not all vape juice brands have the same quality standards, even with zero nicotine vaping. Be sure to look for e-juice made with food-grade ingredients to know what you're ingesting.

Is It Better To Vape With or Without Nicotine?

It's always better to vape without nicotine. Over the last few decades, research has proven it is both addictive and carcinogenic. While initially marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking, it seems we may not have gone far enough initially to mitigate the health risks.

The bottom line is that when any addictive substance is present in e liquids, cutting that substance out is the better choice.


With so many top-tier disposable vapes on the market, nicotine-free e-liquids are the next step in the vaping revolution. With an even fuller flavour profile and smoother quality, choosing to vape without nicotine removes the nasty side effects for a healthier, exciting new product.

Choose the substance-free alternative the next time you make a vaping purchase with RELX. Our range of flavour pods with different nicotine levels, including 0%, lets you decide what you ingest and enjoy vaping. If you're of legal smoking age, shop RELX today and take control of your vaping experience!

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