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How to Use a Vape Pen Properly

July 29, 2021

Vape pens are easy to use and provide a smoother and reliable experience. They come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

However, as simple as they are to use, learning how to use one vape pen correctly can be tricky. It's better to learn correctly from the beginning rather than try to correct old behaviours. This guide will cover how to use a vape pen the right way and how to make your device last for a long time.

How Your Vape Pen Works

Vape pens are easy to use, very portable and inconspicuous, and mostly odourless. It consists of only a few essential components. When learning how to use a vape pen properly, knowing these parts is the first step.

  1. The battery - This component usually makes up most of the pen and keeps it running.
  2. Atomizer and/or heating chamber - Attached to the battery, this is where you place your e-liquid. When warmed, the atomizer creates a vapour, hence the name vape pen.
  3. Mouthpiece - Usually attached directly to the heating chamber, this is where you place your mouth to inhale.
  4. Charger - This piece charges up your pen when the battery is low.

In the most basic sense, vape pens work by applying power to the heating chamber (or the atomizer) and warming your substance or flavour of choice until it produces a vapour. Then, you use the mouthpiece to inhale the said vapour.

However, as simple it is, you need to remember that your pen is still a delicate piece of equipment. If you don't treat it well or use it correctly, it could break, leak, or give out long before it should. As such, you should take some time to understand what could hurt or damage it, and develop good habits to keep it in peak condition for a long time.

5 Things Not To Do with Your Vape Pen

Knowing what not to do to your cartridge can be extremely beneficial. It will put you on the right path before you ever even pick up your pen. As simple as vapes are, minor mistakes can have adverse effects on the function of your pen.

DO NOT: Use the Wrong Concentrates

Most vape pens have a design for specific forms and concentrate. Knowing what forms your device can handle is the first thing you should learn. Using the wrong one can damage the vape pen or, at a minimum, be a waste of your money as it will not function properly.

DO NOT: Assume All Vape Pens are the Same

While most versions share similar properties (like the ones listed above), there are significant differences that can help you improve your experience and make your pen last longer. If you change the type you are using, don't assume that it's going to be the same as the one you had before!

DO NOT: Mix and Match Batteries and Chargers

In an emergency, you can probably use some chargers or other cords to power up your vape. However, the general advice is that you shouldn't. Using the right charger/battery pairing can prolong life while mixing and matching can cause issues in function.

DO NOT: Leave Pen Charging Unattended

It's rare, but leaving a vape pen charging unattended could lead to accidents like sparks or fires. This applies to all devices with lithium batteries and is not unique to vape pens, and so similar charging precautions should apply. Batteries could burst and ruin the entire device (or whatever it is resting on), or at best, could burn out the coils or other parts and render it useless. Don't leave it alone while it is charging!

Good Habits to Protect Your Vape Pen from Leaks

Leaks are a common issue with vape pens. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent them.

Keep Vape Pen Vertical When Not in Use

Due to its design, leaving a vape face down (or horizontally) may lead to leaks. By storing it standing up (vertical) in its proper position, you can keep any e-liquid or juices from corroding coils or seeping through openings.

Keep Your Vape Pen Clean

No matter what type of vape pen you use, regularly cleaning the mouthpiece and air inlet port can prevent e-liquid leaks. It keeps them in prime condition and prevents corrosion, which can lead to leaks. It will also keep your vape tasting fresh.

Since pod leakage might occur after bumping, and the pod is not waterproof, please be careful during daily use.

Check Your Mouthpiece and Remaining E-liquid

If your vape pen is leaking, the e-liquid may be inhaled to your mouth. Check the mouthpiece frequently and make sure everything is in working order to keep leaks from happening.

Pay Close Attention When Changing the Pod

Learn about your pen's pods before you try installing them. Finding the right way to install will prevent e-liquid leakage (leading to leaks) or pods from getting damaged (leading to a shorter life and possible damage).

Watch Your Power Settings

Many modern mods have a low battery warning, but some older ones don't. Learn about your vape pen's power settings. Otherwise, you risk burning it out and causing leaks or other damage.

Use Your Pods within the Shelf-Life Period

The shelf life of vape pods is around 18 months. If the package is opened, please use it within 15 days to ensure the best use effect. 

5 Tips to Increase Your Vape Pen's Life

Now that you know how it works and what not to do, how can you keep your pen working for an extended period?

Read the Manual

Since every device is a little different, reading the manual is the best way to know how to care for and use your vape pen correctly. Read it carefully, and keep it on hand—you never know when you may need it.

Clean It Regularly

The mouthpiece and air inlet port aren't the only things that you should check and clean periodically. Remember to clean up the pod holder to keep your pen in working order and prevent future damage.

Don't Overcharge It

Overcharging can lead to a poor battery life, which is another reason not to leave it unattended while plugged in. Only charge it when you must, and make sure to drain the battery after the first use before recharging completely.

Store It Carefully and Properly

If the device is not used for a long time. Please store the pod separately. So as to prevent leaking problems.

Pay close attention to the surroundings in which you store your vape and batteries. They do best in cool, dry places. Make sure to dust it off before each use, too.


Knowing how to use a vape pen and take proper care of it can help it last a long time. With the right care, cleaning, and usage, your vaping days will last as long as you need.

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