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How To Properly Store Your Vape Device

November 02, 2023

No matter which type of vape device you use, it’s very important that you store it correctly. That’s because the consequences of not doing so can be inconvenient and - more importantly - costly. But how are you supposed to know how and where to store it if no one tells you?

That’s why at RELX, we’ve pulled together this comprehensive guide on exactly how best to store your vape device. Once you’ve finished this article, you can properly store your device, knowing you're making the most of the juice and the device itself. Read on to see how.

Why Does Vape Device Storage Matter?

Maximise Life

If you want to get the most out of your vape device and have it last as long as it can, it goes to stand that you should take good care of it. When you bought your vape device, you likely noted how long it had the potential to last. To reach that desired length of time, you'll want to take care to store and use it correctly.

Prevents Leaks

The last thing you want is for the e-liquid in your vape device to leak. But that’s precisely what could happen if you don’t store it properly. If that happens, you’ll have wasted money and missed out on flavourful vape juice. Storing your device carefully takes no extra time, but it's so worth it in the long run. Besides, leaked juice will merely make everything sticky!

Keeps the E-Liquid Fresh

If you don’t store your device properly and with care, you run the risk of turning the e-liquid stale. Due to the conditions in which you store it, heat and light can potentially have adverse effects on the juice. If that happens, your vaping experience will be way worse, and it won’t taste as good as it should.

How Do You Store a Vape Device?

Stand It Upright

The main reason for taking care to store your vape device upright is to protect it from outside elements from getting in and inside elements getting out. By that, we mean dust, dirt, and the e-liquid itself. In any other position than upright, you run the risk of the vape juice leaking. 

Furthermore, it also invites unwanted materials, such as dust and dirt, to get onto (or into) the mouthpiece.

Store at Room Temperature

You may have heard about how extremely low temperatures can affect the efficiency of electricals. In fact, in some cases, if the temperature is extreme enough, the electric device can stop working altogether. This is also the case for vapes, so we recommend storing your device at room temperature, not too cold or hot. Given that room temperature should be comfortable enough for you to relax in, it should also be fine for your electric devices.

Store It Away From Sunlight

Similarly, extreme heat can also cause electrical products to stop working as efficiently (or altogether). The reason temperature affects electricals so much is because electricity works by a series of chemical reactions, and those reactions can’t do their thing when they’re too hot or cold. So, as much as you should keep your vape out of the cold, you should also keep it away from direct sunlight, where it could overheat.

Store It Away From Children

While many reasons for storing your vape device properly have to do with maintaining the product and e-liquid, safety should not be overlooked. This is especially true if you have children around you or living with you. It’s essential to keep vapes away from children as they could risk harm if they use one. Especially for young children, it’s a good idea to store your vape up high where they cannot reach it.

Keep the E-Liquid In Its Original Container

If you are using any vape device that isn’t a disposable one, that means you probably have some separate containers with your chosen e-liquid. While decanting them into different containers might be tempting, keeping them in their original packaging is important.

Not only are these containers specifically designed to hold e-liquid, but they also contain all the information about the chemicals that make up the juice. This may be needed in a situation such as an allergic reaction.

The Effects of Improper Storage on Vapes

While it’s easy to forget, vapes are electrical products that contain batteries, and various chemical reactions occur within the device. As mentioned previously, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can adversely affect electricals. This can go beyond them not working and can even lead to combustions or explosions if not careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Position To Store a Vape?

To ensure ultimate safety and protection, the best position to store a vape is to keep it upright. When the device is upright, there is a much lower chance of the e-liquid leaking. There is also a much lower chance of dust, dirt, or other materials getting on or in the mouthpiece.

Where Is the Safest Place To Store a Vape?

To be safe, ensure your vape is stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Even further, keep your device out of children's reach, as it could be dangerous for them to get hold of vape devices. It's also a good idea to keep your device somewhere clean.

Final Thoughts

Storing your vape device using the tips we've given you in this article will mean your vape should last longer and taste better. Why waste the potential of a great vape by storing it improperly?

Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and away from children for ultimate precautions.

For all your vape devices and juices, head to RELX and browse our collections today!

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