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How To Blow Smoke Rings With a Vape

November 23, 2023

Some people choose to vape just to vape, while others prefer to enjoy learning new tricks, such as manipulating the shaping of the vapour as they exhale it. Blowing smoke rings is one of several “tricks” some vapers want to perfect - but it’s not always as easy as it seems. 

Discover how to blow smoke rings with a step-by-step guide and why you might need help to produce O-shaped rings. 

How To Blow Smoke Rings: A Step-By-Step Guide

Pick The Right Vape 

Before you start to practise blowing smoke rings, first consider the type of vape you’re using and how easy it’ll be to create enough vapour to perform this trick. For example, if you know you’re using a low-resistance coil, you’ll need more power to heat it, so be aware of your coil’s resistance and vape battery power. 

Choose An Appropriate Setting

The next thing to consider is finding the right setting to practise in. You want to be somewhere quiet with minimal air movement so that the wind doesn't ruin your vapour rings as soon as you exhale. Happy with your site and device? Let's begin.

Practise The Right Mouth Position

First, draw the vapour into your mouth, and as you do, purse your lips to create a circle or ‘O’ shape. Then tap your cheek to send out the vapour to check that the vapour is forming the right shape. 

Create The Right Tongue Position

Once you get a feel for how your lips should move, you can repeat the process, but this time, press your tongue down and toward the back of your throat. 

Once your tongue is in position, you can push a little vapour out using your throat and breathe in small pulsing motions. Remember that, to begin with, these will only be small rings; you’ll need to practise more before achieving larger smoke rings. 


Once you feel comfortable with the tongue position (on the floor of your mouth and towards the back of your throat), create a more significant round ‘O’ shape with your lips. Using your throat in short pulse movement as before - almost like a cough - exhale the smoke ring. The larger lip shape will create a larger circle. 

Remember: keep your lips tucked in and not pushed out, as doing so will ruin the shape of the rings. 

Adapt To Create More O Rings

You might have seen some of the more experienced vapers blow multiple smoke rings at once. After you’ve found yourself able to create one good smoke ring, you can start thinking about how to create multiple. 

All you need to do is inhale as before, rest a finger over your mouth and press down. Then, pull down slightly to separate the mouth into two parts; that way, you can get two rings in one opening. If you want three rings simultaneously, repeat the same method with two fingers instead of one. 

Expert Tips To Blow Better Smoke Rings

Once you’ve completed the more basic steps, you can start thinking about gaining more technique and improving the trick's overall appearance. Discover these more “advanced” tips to perfect your smoke rings:

  • When you push out the smoke, move your jaw slightly forward. This pushes out the rings faster and farther. 
  • You can improve the overall look of the smoke rings by curling your clips as you exhale the vapour. 
  • Want to add some backspin? Give your smoke rings an edge by pushing your tongue forward as you allow the vapour to leave your mouth. If you choose to do this, keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and behind your teeth. Use the middle of your tongue to quickly push the vapour out of your mouth.

5 Reasons Why You’re Struggling To Blow Smoke Rings

Wrong Form 

One of the biggest reasons you won’t achieve your vape rings is poor mouth shape form when exhaling. We recommend having your tongue as far back as possible, allowing plenty of clouds to achieve the impressive “O” ring shape.

If you’re struggling, consider pushing your lips against your teeth, making sure not to pucker your lips too much. Be patient with the process, as finding the right balance is essential.

Incorrect Technique 

If you aren’t taking advantage of the backspin technique mentioned above, you could miss a trick. Applying some spin helps the smoke ring retain its shape for longer. If you’re blowing out rings without any spin, you could find that your calls will hold shape but dissipate as soon as they form if you achieve the O shape. 

Lack Of Vapour

With any vaping trick, you need a decent amount of vapour to achieve it. If you aren’t inhaling enough, you can’t make any shape. Consider that you might not be inhaling enough vapour because your tank doesn’t have enough e-liquid, so be sure to check your quantity of e-liquid before you start trying to practise. 

Remember, the long-term effects of vaping are unknown and inhaling too much vapour will increase the chemicals inhaled into your lungs. If you vape too much, you might experience a range of side effects, too. 

Windy Setting

If you’re in a windy setting, it'll be tough to keep your smoke rings in their O shape. They’ll be misshapen by the wind very quickly if you aren’t careful. So, ensure you’re in a sensible place to practise your tricks where there’s little, or even no, wind. 

Incompatible Vape Juice 

If you’re doing everything else without success, we recommend considering your e-juice. The type of e-liquid you use might not work best for performing tricks. For example, e-juices with higher VG (vegetable glycerine) concentration will typically work better because VG e-juice generally produces more significant quantities of vapour. 

Not all vapers want to use just VG e-juice, so if you have a mixture of VG and PG (propylene glycol) in your e-liquid, a 70 VG: 30 PG ratio will work best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Blow Smoke Rings Without Inhaling?

One of the fundamental necessities for performing most vape tricks is inhaling the vapour, and it’s no different for smoke rings made from vape vapour. To produce the O shape, you’ll need to inhale the vapour to release it from your mouth.

Final Thoughts

It's vital that before you practise performing any vaping tricks, your quantity of e-juice is acceptable, and you have a sufficient vape that will create enough vapour. Discover RELX's vape collection today to get the latest vapes and devices!

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