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Why Do Disposable Vapes Make Me Feel Sick?

August 17, 2023

Nausea is a tricky feeling that can mean many things and come from many causes. Nausea can be a temporary symptom of something benign, like motion sickness. It can also indicate that something is more seriously wrong with your gut or bodily functioning.

Vaping can induce nausea as well. Whenever you feel nauseous after vaping, you must put down the vape and monitor your symptoms. If they worsen, call a medical doctor. 

If you want to understand why vaping makes you nauseous and learn strategies for reducing its effects, here’s everything you need to know: 

Why Disposable Vapes Can Make You Feel Nauseous

Disposable vapes can make you nauseous for many reasons. Below, we cover some reasons disposables may make you nauseous. 

These usage habits and consumer choices can also produce many other effects, from fatigue to shortness of breath to anxiety. 

Monitor your condition after vaping if you start to feel nauseous. Understanding your own reaction is key to overcoming adverse effects.

You’re New to Vaping

If you're new to vaping or took a long break from consistent use, you may experience mild to moderate nausea after heavy use. Most disposable vapes contain nicotine, which your body has to adjust to. Nausea is one reaction the body has when acclimating to the effects of nicotine.

Research has shown that chemical compounds in vaporizer e-liquid, like diacetyl, acrolein, and formaldehyde, can adversely affect your lungs if you vape regularly. Another reason you might be getting nauseous is from an inadequate amount of air going to your lungs, whether from inhaling improperly or from prolonged effects of prior vape use.

You’re Using an E-liquid That’s Too Strong

Some people report feeling a “buzz” after vaping an e-liquid with a high nicotine concentration, with side effects like increased heart rate, nausea, and much more. It's even possible to get nicotine poisoning if you use too much too fast. Other symptoms of nicotine poisoning include:

  • Increased salivation and sweating
  • Pale or sallow skin
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Rapid breathing (can exacerbate nausea)
  • Tremors, muscle twitching, and seizures
  • Headaches and dizziness.

Of all these symptoms, nausea is the most common when the e-liquid is too rich with nicotine.

Chain Vaping

Smoking traditional cigarettes can have such a negative impact on your health that evensecond-hand smoke has been shown to cause conditions like lymphoma, leukemia, and brain tumours. Chain smoking makes it even worse, and chain vaping comes with its own set of risks too.

While chain vaping doesn't come with the same set of associated risks as chain smoking with traditional cigarettes, it can induce nausea in the vaper. You might think frequent or habitual vape use would innoculate the vape user against adverse side effects. However, experienced vapers can become so acclimated to their particular vape device and e-liquid that if they switch it up, their system can react negatively and induce nausea.

You’ve Set the Wattage Too High

There may also be a simple fix to your nausea-from-vaping problem. The wattage on your vape could be set too high. 

The higher the wattage on your vape, the more nicotine is going to be delivered to your lungs per puff. So turn it down if you want to stay on an even keel.

How Do I Stop Nausea From Vaping?

Just as nausea after vaping can be caused by many factors, getting rid of nausea can also take many forms. Below we cover some strategies you can use to reduce nausea from vaping:

Lower Nicotine Strength

Nicotine is the most common culprit behind post-vaping nausea. You could be using an e-liquid with too high a nicotine concentration, or your e-liquid could contain nicotine salts, which drastically spike the nicotine level. 

You could also be taking too deep of inhales, bringing too much nicotine into your system at once. Lower your nicotine strength and see if you experience less nausea.

Lower Wattage

Your vape's wattage determines how much nicotine you inhale per puff. If your device has variable wattage, try setting it lower and seeing how you respond. If your device has a fixed wattage level, try swapping it out for a new vape with lower wattage.

Take Breaks in Between Vaping Sessions

Healthy lung functionis important for your entire body. Deep, uninterrupted breaths of clean air help your blood flow and brain function. If you vape regularly, you should try and take breaks between vaping sessions to maintain your lung capacity.

Beyond maintaining your health, taking breaks between vaping sessions will help curb nausea. Like anything else, too much vaping isn't a good thing. Loading your body with an excess of nicotine in a short amount of time is a recipe for nausea.

Final Thoughts

Want to try and curb nausea associated with vaping? Try a lower nicotine strength, a lower wattage, or taking breaks in between vaping sessions. It’s always important to monitor your symptoms and consult a medical professional as needed.

For high-quality disposable vapes, check out our collections at RELX to find your perfect match! We offer a wide array of options, so there’s something for every vaper.

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