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How Much Does It Cost to Vape?

July 29, 2021

The amount something's going to cost you is definitely a deciding factor before you make a purchasing decision. Vaping is no different. If you find yourself thinking 'how much does a vape cost?' then continue reading for a full breakdown. We're going to explore everything you need to know, from product types to replaceable accessories.

This sheer expanse of products on the market can easily give the impression that vaping carries a hefty price tag. There is so much to think about, from e-juice to accessories, that it's hard to believe that vaping could be affordable.

While it's true the higher end products can carry a premium price, it may surprise you just how affordable some of the devices can be. 

Vapes remain fairly inexpensive until you get into box mod territory. These are among the most complex of vape devices and are generally only used by experienced vapers. This means that if you're only just entering the world of vape you won't be using them anyway.

If you choose to explore the more intricate vape devices that have higher wattage and larger e-juice cartridges, then the price can increase. It's up to you whether this is worth it or not. Many consider it a hobby due to the customization available. If you're curious about how much each device will set you back by, read on.

How Much Does a Vape Pen Cost?

Vape pens are exceptionally easy to use and were the natural successor to the original e-cigarette. They're popular with beginners due to how user-friendly they are. In addition to this, they are far more subtle than some of the larger vape devices available and are extremely portable. They can be used with a wide variety of vape juices, allowing for customization with flavour and ingredients. 

There are two main categories that vape pens fall into. These are single-use and rechargeable. The single-use vape pens are self-explanatory. Once you have used up the vape juice provided then you can simply discard the pen entirely and begin using another one. The chargeable ones come with replaceable cartridges that you can swap out when necessary. Some vape pens use pre filled pods that provide more convenience for users.

In terms of cost, vape pens are highly affordable. The disposable ones are cheaper than other vape options, retailing between $3 and $7. The rechargeable vape pens are more expensive, generally priced between $15 and $35. The replaceable cartridges are often low in price and the rechargeable pen can be seen as an investment.

The RELX disposable vape pens retail between $5.90 and $11.90 depending on which variation you opt for. They come in a variety of flavours and designs. Their rechargeable pens are priced at $29.90, or you can purchase one of their full starter kits for $39.90 which includes everything you need to get into vaping.

How Much Does a Vape Pod Cost?

The vape pod is unique in that it's one of the smaller additions to the vape family but functions just as efficiently. They often possess less capacity for vape juice, which means they aren't ideal for the heavy-duty vaper. They are, however, highly appropriate for users that are frequently on the move.

In addition to holding less vape juice they also often come with a smaller  battery. This is due to how much more compact they are compared to other vape devices. Similarly to vape pens, they arrive in two distinct categories: open and closed pods. Open pods are capable of being reused once empty. Closed pods are entirely disposable.

Beyond its smaller stature, one of the biggest appealing factors of pods is how subtle they can be. While some vapers relish in the ability to create enormous clouds, some vapers just want to puff discreetly. Can you get your taste of blueberry swirl without resembling a chimney? Yes, with pods. Again, this makes them ideal for those of us on the move.

Out of all the vape devices available, pods make up some of the most affordable. This is mostly due to their smaller size, though their prices can vary based on whether they are open or closed. The differences in price from the same brand are often negligible. For instance, the 1-packed RELX Pod Pro retail at $5.9 whereas the 3-packed RELXPods are $16.99.

Generally speaking, vape pods are priced between $15 and $50. The open systems boast a more sophisticated design and function than closed system pods, but closed system pods are more convenient and disposable.

How Much Does a Vape Box Mod Cost?

The box mod is easily the most expensive vape device available. This is due to their increased size, juice capacity, and battery life. They're by far the largest vapes available and are generally reserved for vape enthusiasts rather than the beginner vaper. 

Their name comes from the box-like shape they often come in. They are far from pocket-friendly, unlike vape pens or pods, and also do not possess the same subtlety when used. Whenever you've seen vape tricks performed online with enormous clouds, it's usually done so with a box mod.

Other vape devices allow for the swapping of juice cartridges to experiment with different flavours. Box mods take this customization to a whole new level by allowing a user to replace almost all components. This includes batteries, atomizers, and the tanks themselves. This is where the enthusiast aspect comes in. Box mods certainly aren't recommended for beginners.

Price-wise they can get pretty expensive. Box mods generally start at the $50 mark. As they increase in sophistication and features that price can easily hike up to $100. The most expensive box mods can go up to $200. There's an enormous market out there for box mods due to the innovations in their design. If you're serious about vaping, there's no better option.

How Expensive is Vape Juice?

This is an important point to consider. Many assume that the device itself is the biggest contributor to expenses. In actuality, the continued purchasing of vape juice required can often wrack up your costs. The key is to shop around. Vape juice varies widely in price. Bottles can cost anywhere between $20 and $40 for 30 or 60ml, though smaller 10ml bottles can be purchased for as little as $5.

There's an enormous variety of flavours and brands of vape juice on the market. Don't fall into the trap of buying the most popular.

Some of the so-called premium brands are really no different from the lesser-known products. The same vape juice flavour can often be achieved regardless of the brand. You don't need to splurge to get the results you want. Part of the appeal of vaping is the ability to customize your experience, so explore! However you should always opt for genuine products and avoid generic liquids sold on unofficial channels which may have dubious origins.

Final Thoughts

The biggest contributor to vape costs is the upkeep of your chosen device. Replaceable cartridges are certainly practical but they can get costly over time. Luckily, if you're looking to switch to vaping then it's highly affordable. This is especially true if you choose disposable vape pens.

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