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Do Air Purifiers Help With Vape Smoke?

August 29, 2023

The vapour that billows out like clouds from vapes and e-cigarettes isn't anything like traditional cigarette smoke. It doesn't have the same carcinogenic quality or acrid aroma. But it can muck up your indoor environment, making it hard to see or breathe clearly. 

Find out if an air purifier can help clean up your indoor environment in the following guide. 

What Are Air Purifiers and How Do They Work?

Vape smoke has been shown to contain dozens, hundreds, and up to thousands of unknown components. While it's pleasurable to inhale vape smoke when you're the one vaping, it isn't as pleasant to have it linger around yourself or others. Thankfully, air purifiers can help significantly with the quality of your indoor air. 

Especially when equipped with HEPA filters, air purifiers are designed to intercept even the most microscopic particles in the air before finding their way into your lungs. From filtering out toxic chemicals and particles during wildfires to reducing pollen and dander in your home, air purifiers work by drawing air into their vents, passing the air through multiple finely woven filters, and releasing the air back out, free of contamination. Because of this, they're a great complement to vaping.

What Are the Benefits of Using Air Purifiers for Vape Smoke?

A 2015 study published in Lung India, the journal of the Indian Chest Society, found that air purifiers can play an important role in the reduction of pollutants that may lead to respiratory diseases, respiratory infections, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Those results were confirmed in a test conducted by CNET to test the effectiveness of air purifiers during wildfire season in Canada. They were found to effectively filter out harmful substances such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores, and, most crucially, smoke. 

As pollen and dander are two of the most common allergens, air purifiers are excellent for those who struggle with allergies. An additional benefit of air purifiers is for those highly sensitive to fragrances and those who deal with asthma. Purifying the air on a routine basis can filter out the irritants that aggravate these conditions.

Even if you close all your doors and windows, allergens, smoke particles, and air pollutants can find their way through gaps, cracks, and other nooks and crannies. But it's much harder for them to work through a sophisticated air purifier filter system.

Types of Air Purifiers for Vape Smoke

Different vape devices produce various kinds of vape smoke. Accordingly, different air purifiers are better suited to vape smoke versus wildfire smoke versus exhaust fumes if you live close to a major highway, and so on.

Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters are essential if you're trying to filter the smell of vape smoke out of your home or property. These ingenious filters use carbon to fight carbon. Layers of densely packed carbon scrub absorb odours, dander, allergens, and other particles before they can return to your home. 

HEPA filters

You may have heard about HEPA filters when reading about hospitals during the initial COVID emergency. These are incredibly powerful air filters, capable of filtering over 99% of pollutants and rogue particles out of the air. HEPA filters can even neutralize airborne viruses.


Ionizers work a bit differently from carbon and HEPA filters. Rather than play defence by filtering negative particles out as air passes through, these devices go on the attack, releasing negative ions into the air that neutralize vape smoke particles. 

Many air filters incorporate all three of these features into one. Currents in your home will pass into the filter if they aren't defused by the negative ions in the air first.

What to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

If you're vaping inside, you'll want to consider a few factors before buying. Think about what kind of vape you use, how often you'll vape, and where ventilation is best in your home. As for the air purifier itself, these are some factors you'll want to consider:

  • Thick Carbon Filter: To effectively remove odours, you'll need a carbon filter. Carbon filters can remove even scant traces of lingering odours from your carpet, walls, and clothes.
  • Space: How big is your living space? Size up the filtering power capacity of your purifier before you buy it to ensure it covers your space's total dimensions.

Effective Tips to Improve the Air Purifier's Odor Removal

A good quality air purifier will do its job without you even noticing. Still, there are things you can do to ensure that it's maximizing its potential.

  • Run the Purifier All Day: Purifiers don't drain the energy bill too much. It's okay to leave on all day periodically to ensure maximum purification.
  • Change the filters on time: Most purifiers have a sensor to alert you when the HEPA and carbon filters should be changed. If they don't, every three months is a suitable interval. This will ensure that your filters don't become oversaturated with pollutants and thus lose their cleaning power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Purifiers Work for Vape Smoke?

Purifiers certainly work to cleanse interior spaces from vape smoke and its smell. A purifier with HEPA and carbon filters can eliminate over 99% of a vape's particles and odour.

How Do I Get Rid of Vape Smoke in My House?

In addition to purchasing and consistently running a purifier, you can vape wisely. Vape wherever you have the most ventilation in your house. Leave doors and windows open for a cross breeze when you can, and don't vape too much at one time.

Final Thoughts

There's a wide assortment of vapes out there - check out RELX Vapes if you don't believe us! - and there are just as many air purifiers. Finding the perfect purifier for you may take some work, but you won't regret it the second you breathe in that crystal-clear air.

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