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Ceramic Coils for Vaping: Pros and Cons

August 30, 2022


What Are Ceramic Coils?

What Is Porous Ceramic Material?

Are Ceramic Coils Safe?

What’s the Difference Between Mesh and Ceramic Material Coils?

Pros of Ceramic Coils for Vaping

Cons of Ceramic Coils for Vaping

So, Is a Ceramic Coil Worth It?

The world of vaping products is only increasing in popularity, so manufacturers must continuously develop new ways to keep their consumers interested.

One such innovation is the introduction of ceramic coils to replace other coils, such as quartz coils, which often feature poor heat retention. Ceramic coils don't have this problem.

If you're unsure of what difference this makes and whether or not ceramic coils are worth it, then you're in the right place.

In this guide, we're going to take you through everything you need to know about ceramic coils. We'll start with the basics before taking you through the specific pros and cons so that by the end, you'll be an expert. Let's jump in!

What Are Ceramic Coils?

The first thing to understand about ceramic coil technology is that it doesn't refer to the heating wire as you might expect.

As is the case with all other coils, the heating wire of a ceramic coil is metal, usually kanthal or a similar alloy.

The critical difference is in the wick. Instead of a cotton wick, the wick itself is ceramic.

Ceramic is beneficial because it possesses significant thermal endurance, meaning it can withstand very high temperatures while remaining entirely heat resistant.

It is an improvement on cotton wick vapes found in regular coils, as they can't withstand high temperatures used in long-term vaping.

However, not all ceramics are the same, with some utilizing a more porous surface.

What Is Porous Ceramic Material?

Porous ceramic coils take high-temperature resistance to a whole new level, capable of preventing both heat damage and metal oxidation from extended use.

All this is possible thanks to the comparatively low density of the ceramic coil. Ceramic coils provide great flavor and extended life spans and remove the likelihood of experiencing a dry hit, which many vapers will be thrilled to hear.

Are Ceramic Coils Safe?

Set aside all of the excitement currently surrounding this innovative technology, and there are some health concerns to consider. One of the primary negative aspects is the potential for the ceramics to break, releasing silica powder you could inhale.

Prolonged inhalation can damage your trachea and lungs and induce increased blood pressure and heart disease.

It's also worth bearing in mind that ceramics still possess the same dangers associated with any other coils and vape pens.

Nicotine is an addictive substance, so nicotine-containing products increase the risk of dependency. No matter what the wick or coil material, nicotine remains an addictive chemical.

Nicotine is also known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. It is why many vape pens will have 'warning this product contains nicotine' noted on the label. The warning is often in accord with the local and national legislation like California Proposition 65.

Having said this, there's no evidence to suggest that ceramic coils are any more dangerous than traditional coils, especially when used with non-nicotine e-liquid types in your vape pen. Test results remain inconclusive.

What’s the Difference Between Mesh and Ceramic Material Coils?

There are an increasing number of coils out there to use with your vape pen, and it isn't just ceramic coils that are growing in popularity.

Mesh coils are also frequently used with vape pens, but how are they different? The main factor that separates them is that mesh coils are often used with a cotton wick, whereas ceramic coils aren't.

However, mesh coils are more similar than they are different. They both provide more juice to extend your vaping experience.

Thanks to the coil having an increased surface area, the device can reach a higher temperature, providing the purest vapor flavor every time because of the greater heat.

Ceramic vaporizers operate in a very similar way, reducing the likelihood of that unpleasant burnt taste associated with dry hits.

Pros of Ceramic Coils for Vaping

We have spoken a little about some of the benefits of using a ceramic coil with your vape pens as opposed to regular coils, but there are some other advantages. We've listed them below for you to review.

Much Greater E-Liquid Viscosity

You can use thicker e-liquids with ceramic because it can withstand significant heat, which is required to burn more viscous liquids. A coil that cannot handle the higher heat would degrade much faster and permanently damage your vape.

Increased Lifespan

Since ceramic can withstand far more heat, your coil will last much longer than comparative vapes with a more traditional coil. The durability of the ceramic coil also helps to keep your device protected, so you don't need to worry as much about accidental damage.

Improved Flavor Compared to Traditional Coils

The days of your coil producing an unpleasant taste are over when you switch to ceramics. The vapor consistently tastes richer and purer because the ceramics contain nothing that should interact with the e-liquid. The vapor you inhale will be nothing but the exact flavor you choose.


Cons of Ceramic Coils for Vaping

Despite the many benefits of moving away from wicks, there are some downsides. Let's explore these.

Burns Through Liquid Faster

Although you will notice an improved flavor, you will also notice that you are running out of e-liquid much faster. Any coil that burns hotter will work its way through liquid faster. Think of it as a trade-off for that richer vapor flavor.

Fewer Tank and Coil Types

When it comes time to re-wick or find a new tank for your coil, you might be disappointed by the availability (or lack of). There aren't many tanks on the market right now, primarily due to how new ceramic coils are to the scene.

Increased Possible Health Risks Unknown

The advent of the ceramic coil is upon us, but it is still a relatively new idea. There haven't been that many studies into the potential health ramifications.

We warned you about nicotine consumption, so we won't go down that road again, but be aware that the research on this is still in its early stages. Despite that, there's no evidence at this time to suggest either way for sure.

So, Is a Ceramic Coil Worth It?

Though we may not know everything about ceramic coils yet, we know enough to say that we are big fans.

If you want a more durable vape that provides excellent vapor flavor,
shop RELX. Our cutting-edge vape technology uses a FEELM 3.0 ceramic coil for a longer-lasting vape and the purest flavour every time.

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