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Can You Take a Vape Into a Concert?

September 29, 2023

Listening to your favourite musicians, bands, or artists might seem like the perfect opportunity to use your vape and relax, but will venues let you? 

Below, we’ll delve into what you know about taking your vape with you into a concert so you know what to expect. Let’s dive in! 

Can Vapes Go Into Concerts?

It’s understandable why there’s often some confusion over the rules or laws surrounding where you can vape, as each area has rules that you must follow. Every venue's rules on e-cigarettes will differ, so it’s essential to note the regulations of a venue before you attend a concert there.

While smoking from a tobacco cigarette differs from smoking from a vape, most venues listed as “no-smoking” will encompass both methods.

Before attending a concert, look up the venue’s rules regarding vapes so you understand what’s allowed ahead of time, including what items you can bring in and their vaping policy. This will help prevent you from running into any unpleasant surprises.

Vape Rules in Popular Concert Venues Across Canada

If you’re a regular concert-goer, knowing where you can and can’t vape indoors, especially when it comes to the regulations for Canada’s top music venues, will make life easier. 

Below, we cover the policies of a few different venues. For the most up-to-date information, consult the venue directly to ensure nothing has changed, and if you don’t see the venue you’ll be attending listed here, consult them directly to discover what their policies are.

Scotiabank Arena

The Scotiabank Arena is an excellent multi-purpose venue in downtown Toronto, hosting contemporary artists, comedians, and groups such as Ricky Gervais, Doja Cat, and Sam Smith. If you’re likely to attend an upcoming performance, you may wonder if you can use your vape inside the venue. 

The answer is no. The Scotiabank Arena lists itself as a smoke-free building and mentions that this includes using e-cigarettes on its website — so all restaurants, suites, lounges, and concert rooms have a no-smoking policy. 

It’s also crucial to note that the venue has a strict re-entry policy, meaning fans who leave the building to smoke won’t be allowed back in. Anyone found smoking their vape will be asked to leave immediately and may be given a fine. 

Centre Bell

Centre Bell is an exciting venue in Montreal that hosts a range of exciting artists, such as the Arctic Monkeys, Lionel Richie, and Rod Stweart. Whether going to enjoy a concert or to catch a Montreal Canadiens game, you’ll need to know the regulations for e-cigarette smoking before you go. 

The Centre Bell has a strict no-smoking policy and explicitly lists vaping as a smoking method, and it’s clear that nowhere indoors can a person vape. 

Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena, with a capacity of 19,700, hosts an accolade of exciting shows, including sports games, comedy, and music. From Rod Stewart to Drake to Iron Maiden, it’s safe to say this venue hosts for every taste, but does it accept vaping indoors? 

Smoking of any kind inside the Rogers Arena is strictly prohibited, and this does include e-cigarettes and vapourizers. It’s also important to note that there aren’t any designated outdoor smoking areas, and like Scotiabank Arena, there aren’t any in-and-out privileges. They also ask that if you want to smoke before entering the building, to stand at least 6 meters away. 

Things to Consider When Taking Your Vape Into a Concert

While not all platforms are likely to be strictly smoke-free, it’s always best to prepare so there are no misunderstandings. 

If you’re allowed to smoke at a venue, there are some things you should be aware of, especially when vaping indoors. For one thing, while rare, vaping can set off a fire alarm. You should also have an awareness of how smoking indoors affects your surroundings.

Here are some other things you’ll want to keep in mind in terms of vaping at a concert.

Check Local Laws

It’s always best to check local laws before assuming you can vape outside or inside at a concert. Understanding what the laws are in the area where the venue is located may be helpful, especially in terms of vaping before you arrive at the venue and after you leave.

Respect Other People’s Personal Space

Based on current research, second-hand exposure to vapouris less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. However, it’s still crucial to respect other people’s personal space. If venues allow you to vape, remember that not everyone likes the vapour, so be cautious and respectful.

It’s always nice to check with the people around you first if they mind you vaping; they’re far more likely to be amiable if you’ve checked with them first. 

Keep Your Vape Out of Reach of Children

Concerts are a wonderful coming together of people of all ages. Remember that children are curious and might use your distraction from the show to try and get hold of your vape. 

With a lack of research on the long-term effects and the general knowledge that vaping isn’t suitable for children, it’s best to keep your vape out of reach at all times. It’s also best to avoid vaping when you’re near children. 

Dispose of Trash Responsibly

Remember, there's never an excuse to litter. If a venue permits you to vape, please take care of your trash appropriately. Used cartridges, batteries, and disposable vapes must be disposed of properly.

If there isn't a bin near you, consider taking your trash home with you until you find an appropriate way to dispose of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Vape Set off a Metal Detector at a Concert?

Metal detectors are designed to look for metal, and as the majority of vapes include metal components, bringing a vape may alert the venue to your vape on your person. Make sure to understand what the rules are of the venue you’re attending so you’re in compliance.

Final Thoughts

Concerts are for everyone to enjoy and should always be a safe, joyous environment. Many concert venues don’t allow smoking or vaping, so it’s essential to look up in advance what to expect at the venue you’re attending so you’re prepared. 

If the venue you’re attending doesn’t allow vaping, don’t let that stop you from restocking your favourite vapes from our selection at RELXtoday so you can enjoy your vaping experience at home after the concert!

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