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10 Best Vape Apps for Mobile in 2022

March 24, 2022

Vaping is more than inhaling vapour clouds through a device. It's a complex activity that is both technical and social. People who vape regularly often learn about the construction of their vaping devices — their strengths and weaknesses (e-cig vs. tank vs. pod mod), and how the different ratios of PG and VG in e-liquids affect their vapour clouds. 

One of the best ways to engage more deeply with your vape is through vape apps. Vape apps help you stay abreast of a rapidly changing industry. And with some of them, you can engage with the vaping community. 

In 2022, you can find vape apps to connect with other users, learn how to mix your own e-liquids, and more. To understand which apps are the best downloads for your smartphone, read on. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can get much more out of your vaping experience. 

What Are Vape Apps Used For?

Vape apps are mobile applications that you can download onto your smartphone that deal specifically with vaping. 

You might think that vaping is self-explanatory. You buy your device, fill the tank with e-liquid, and use it in peace. Not much more to say, right?

That's a good way of using your device, but there's so much more to the experience.

Vape apps help you become familiar with the ins and outs of vaping, giving you the reins of your vaping experience. These apps deliver five main functions:

  • Community - There is a whole community of other users eager to share experiences, provide usage tips, and caution against harmful practices. Vape apps can bring users together via message boards and social media UX, where members can share posts and comment on each other's posts.
  • Shopping - Many vape apps function as marketplaces for devices and accessories. You can shop for new e-liquids, different tanks, and more. You can also buy, share, and trade pre-owned vapes with other users over some apps.
  • Tracking usage - The rise of fitness trackers and other biometric monitoring apps has allowed users to track activities, from heart rate to calories burned, and now, vaping usage. 
  • Creating new e-liquid recipes - Some vape apps allow users to upload their recipes for their own e-liquid. Most users simply buy e-liquids. It seems like a product that wouldn't be easy or advisable to make at home, but that's not so. You can download e-liquid recipes and share your own on vape apps.
  • Tutorials - It's easy to find tutorials on social media sites like YouTube and TikTok. However, it's harder to know whether what you're watching is reputable information. Getting your tutorials from a vape app ensures that you get more specialized and reputable information.

1. VaporSuite

VaporSuite app in Google Play Store

If you’re looking for a vape app that will help you make your own DIY vape juice, VaporSuite is the app for you. You can keep track of your daily vaping activities, come up with unique recipes, save them to a recipe book, and track your expenses and hardware.

There’s even a journal within the app that can sync with the notes app on your device. Keep track of how you’re vaping and what you’re using.

Alt: Image of Vape Assistant app in Google Play Store

2. Vape Assistant

Vape Assistant app in Google Play Store

One of Vape Assistant's best features is a calculator that allows you to analyze the decimal ration calculations of PG/VG/AD and nicotine amounts in your e-liquid. This app is a handy one to have if you are interested in making your e-liquid. 

You can also add all your recipes to an easy-to-navigate recipe book, which you can easily download and print out.

3. Club Vape

ClubVape app in Google Play Store

Club Vape is another excellent app to download if you're interested in e-liquid. This app has a comprehensive catalogue of user-generated e-liquid recipes that you can access with the touch of a finger.

What's unique about Club Vape is that it also hosts actual in-person events at brick-and-mortar locations. A handy store tracker can tell you wherever and whenever a new Club Vape is about to spring up.

4. LiqCalc

LiqCalc - Liquid Calculator app in Google Play Store

LiqCalc is the best app for calculating to a level of precision your liquid/E-juice recipes. You can use LiqCalc as a beginner or if you’re experienced with vapes.

The liquid calculator contains a multitude of criteria you can use to calculate. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • Base and flavour basic calculator
  • Base and flavour advanced calculator, 
  • The base mixer — which you can use when mixing different bases into one base
  • The shake & vape setting
  • Aflavourr reduce/increase calculator, and more.

5. Ultimate Vaping Tools

Ultimate Vaping Tools app in Google Play Store

Ultimate Vaping Tools is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to enhance your vaping experience. It has a sophisticated menu of e-liquid calculation tools. But Ultimate Vaping Tools also has a coil calculator option when adjusting your own coils.

There are numerous pop-up ads on this app, but it’s worth the download.

6. Vape E-Liquid Free

Vape: E-liquid Free app in Google Play Store

This vape app has a unique algorithm that will recommend e-liquid recipes based on your already concocted recipes. It’s a smash hit with users who love the ability to swap different measurements easily. 

The colours used on the app and the user-friendly sliding scales make it extremely easy to learn how to use — an excellent app for vape users of all levels of experience.


7. Vape Tool

Vape Tool app in Google Play Store

The Vape Tool app is a great companion to have if you're working on your coils. It has a coil calculator and a coil wrapping feature to help you achieve perfect resistance and voltage in your coil. 

The sweet spot finder feature helps you measure wattage at all parts of your coil to see where it needs work. There is also functionality on this app to create unique e-liquids. 

Vape Tool also offers a paid version with additional functionality for $2.99 per month.

8. VapeCalc

VapeCalc: Vape app in Google Play Store

If you want more out of your vape app than just calculating e-liquid measurements and playing around with Ohm’s Law, check out VapeCalc. This app allows you to price compare different vape and gear products, offer up your gear to reliable vendors, learn how to build your own coils, and more. 

The VapeView shopping interface connects you with some of the best vape gear vendors out there. Build your own gear, sell gear you grew out of, and more.

9. Vape Toolbox Light

Vape Toolbox Lite app in Google Play Store

An app for experienced vape users, Vape Toolbox Light is a tool that many professional vape builders and retailers use daily. You can configure your wire gauges and wraps — and find out the best practices in building your own coils. 

You can also design builds and save them in an in-app journal. The value converter also works like a charm.

10. Pocket Vapor CoilCalculator

Pocket Vapor CoilCalculator app in Google Play Store

Coils are an underrated part of any vape build. This app allows for the calculation of optimal power for vaping. The many presets are well suited to different numbers of coils and wires in micro-coils. You can determine the optimal voltage to vapour ratio and more.

Polling shows that 15% of Canadians vape regularly. If you're one of them, try Pocket Vapor CoilCalculator.


Vapes come in different shapes and sizes, and so do the needs of their users. There is a vape app for every vaper. 

To determine which app is right for you, assess what's missing from your vape experience. Examples include tracking usage, calculating your device’s performance, or garnering feedback on e-liquid recipes. 

There is a smartphone vape app out there for you that can help enhance your vaping experience

Ready for a unique vape experience? Shop RELX today.

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