Fighting Illicit Trade

Our commitment to stop Illicit Trade of E-Vaping Products

The rapid growth resulting from globalization has allowed for an unprecedented interchange of products and ideas that has created a truly global economy which is becoming increasingly integrated. However, along with the positive benefits, its reach and anonymity have allowed counterfeiters to deftly integrate into the global marketplace and pose a growing threat with their illicit trade. Governments and legitimate businesses are substantially effected by lost revenues, while leaving consumers exposed to substandard and dangerous products.

At RELX, in our continuing commitment to fight illegal trafficking of e-vapor products, we work hard to make sure our supply chain is airtight and our verification methods sound. Regrettably, the illicit e-vapor product trade continues to flourish and evolve. Therefore, we assist law enforcement and regulatory agencies with support and information to develop strategies to identify and combat fakes and illicit trading activities. This collective effort, on a national and global scale, is imperative to combat these black-market activities.

The production and trafficking of counterfeit good poses a serious health and safety threat to consumers, lost revenues for businesses and diminished taxes for communities. Therefore, we have a shared objective to remove these counterfeit products from the marketplace. It is our determination that the consumer is entitled to the product they intended to buy.

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